SANTA CRUZ, Calif. ¿ With Bell’s 2006 Trade-In Program, that old helmet collecting dust in the corner of your garage is worth money.

Bring any brand helmet in to a participating retailer and get a 20 percent discount off the purchase of any new Bell helmet between March 1 and September 1, 2006. And if you’re sentimentally attached to that old helmet, don’t worry–you won’t have to give it up. Participants just need to bring in the helmet and fill out a log sheet to qualify for the program.

“With Bell’s history and track record of firsts and successes, we’ve always had a pretty compelling story,” said Bell Product Manager Chris Sackett. “Throwing an easy way to get 20 percent off should make Bell down right irresistible.”

On a helmet like Bell’s state-of-the-art Moto-8, a 20 percent discount could equal $80 off the retail price.

“Whether you’re looking for an MX helmet, kid’s helmet, street helmet or cruiser helmet, we’ve made it easy to get the world’s best-known brand at a great price,” Sackett added.

Look for trade-in signage featuring Bell Rider Jeremy McGrath at retailers or go to for a list of dealers and more info.