Bercy is Ready to Rock!

This edition of the venerable Paris SX classic shapes up as the most
interesting in years!

The richest 250F/Lites race of all, with its unique individual + USA vsFrance vs Rest of the World confrontation format, attracts a special mix of talent, of all sorts and cultures, making Bercy a bench-racing delight…

Among the most interesting questions that will be answered on Bercy’s week-end :

  • Who will succeed to the two-time King -unfortunately currently injured- Andrew Short ?
  • Will David Vuillemin’s combination of new ride (MDK Honda), new confidence and old experience prevail, no matter how dangerous his young rivals are ?
  • Will the King of Kings adapt to the smaller sized 250F, which he has not raced in three years ?
  • Will new French sensation, 18 y-o. MX2 World Champion Chris Pourcel, who turned many heads this week by clocking ultra-fast lap times for his first-ever SX tests at Kawasaki’s Corona track, and will use full Pro Circuit equipment for the first time at Bercy, prove as good at SX as at MX and justify his reputation —gained among French fans and Press- of being the “new JMB?
  • Will his predecessor and biggest MX2 rival this season, the flashy Italian, Antonio Cairoli (Yamaha DeCarli), prove that he is “SX compatible and repeat his sensational performance of MXDN ?
  • Will the two Australian ’06 SX champs, Daniel Reardon (Kawasaki) and Ryan Marmont (KTM), the two Canadians, Marco Dube (KTM) and Colton Facciotti (Kawasaki), and the Tunisian Alexandre Rouis (French SX Open champ), give the non-French, non-American fans something to celebrate?
  • Or, as always since the introduction of the “tri-Nations Challenge(the best 3 of each team score each night, this is for bragging rights, the money is individual and the winner takes 15K each night), will American riders collectively prevail ?
  • If so, will the winner be the recent US Open Lites Champ, Factory Connection Honda’s ultra-fast Josh Grant, who many insiders see as the odds-on favourite ?
  • Has KTM’s Mike Alessi’s SX game improved enough since the ’06 West Coast battle to make him a King of Bercy for his third try ?
  • What about his young teammate, former mini-bike star Zach Osborne ?
  • What about Jason Lawrence for his first race on his new Yamaha of Troy ride ?
  • What about Mike Brown for his first race on his new Honda CAS GP ride?
  • Will Motoworld Yamaha’s Justin Brayton, filling in for an injured Tommy Hahn, reach the podium as he did at the US Open?
  • Will the other France A Team riders, Seb Pourcel, Eric Sorby (both on Kawasaki), Cyrille Coulon and current Lites champion Benjamin Coisy (both on Honda), challenge the international competition and make the Parisian fans go crazy ?
  • How do the French SX Tour “regulars —who get a separate 6-man team for the first time- such as Marvin Musquin (Kawasaki), Kounsith Vongsana (KTM), Nico Aubin (Yamaha) or Julien Vanni (Honda) rank, compared to this world-class competition ?

In less than 10 days, we’ll know.

What we already know :

  • Freestyle will rock too, with Ronnie Renner (USA), Danny Torres (Spain), Aigo Sato (Japan), Chris Brock (GB) and Remi Bizouard (France), all X-Games / X-Fighters-caliber talent…
  • An FMX world premiere is expected to happen…
  • The 85cc race will feature France’s best kids and British hope Max Anstie…
  • Bercy’s fan experience will feature loud music, beautiful pom-pom girls, autograph sessions and surprise celebrations…
  • Saturday is sold out, Sunday and Friday are getting close…

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