Big Air and Exciting New Rules for 2006 CMA National Arenacross Series

PARIS, Ontario ¿ January 26, 2005 ¿ AirLand Entertainment announced today several rule changes approved by the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) to be implemented for the 2006 CMA National Arenacross Series.  The CMA also approved adding a freestyle jump competition during the intermission show.

The new rules include:

  • A two-row start to be permitted on a trial basis for 2006.
  • Number of pro riders permitted on the track has been increased to 16 from 10. 
  • Number of amateurs permitted on the track has been increased to 14 from 10.

The changes will allow for greater variation of track designs and the ability to safely start a greater number of riders on the track at one time. 

“The new rule changes demonstrate the CMA’s commitment to Arenacross and to creating an exciting product for the fans,” said Joe Baird, promoter of the series.  “In particular, the two row start was a huge stepping stone to take Arenacross in Canada to the next level. It should have wide appeal to racers, because it provides more opportunities to qualify for the main events.”

The CMA has also approved an intermission freestyle jump contest, open to pro riders entered to race the event.  Watching riders do tricks off a 65 foot jump inside a hockey arena will be a first for many Canadian race fans, noted Baird.

“The freestyle competition is something our fans really wanted as part of the show,” said Baird.  “With the winner to be determined by the rider that can generate the most fan noise; this will create a lot of fan involvement and interaction with the riders.”

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