Bike Stolen: Help a Brother Out

I am a huge fan of motocross and make it an annual trek to see the Supercross events in Anaheim, Phoenix, San Diego, and San Francisco and Las Vegas. I ride every weekend and just recently purchased a 2004 CRF250 that has been the best bike I have ever ridden.


Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to a couple of days of riding at the famous Castillo’s Ranch just north of Santa Barbara, California. I rode for two days straight and left only because my friends and I were going to attend round #3 of the Supercross series in Anaheim. On the drive from Santa Barbara to Anaheim we encountered some of the famous Los Angles traffic and had to go directly to the stadium. When we arrived we locked the bikes up on the back of the van that we were driving in the Stadium parking lot and enjoyed yet another great Supercross.

When we left the stadium I came to the van only to find my bike gone. My first thought was that this had to be a practical joke, that someone I knew was having a little fun at my expense. As time passed and the knots in my stomach increased it became painfully obvious that my bike was stolen. This feat would have required a number of people since the there was a padlock on the chainwheel, and the bike was lifted on a rack.

As all riders know there is almost no worse feeling than to have your bike stolen…so I am hoping that everyone out there at the tracks and riding spots in Southern California can help me out by taking a few minutes and looking for my missing bike. I am having a hard time understanding how a fellow motorcycle enthusiast could commit such an act, but I am hoping that other riders out there can help me get back on the track. The VIN# is JH2ME10374M001768 and the bike is in perfect condition with all stock plastics and graphics. I know this is a long shot, but all the help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

John Gonzalez