Bill’s Pipes Suzuki RM125 Motor Mods

PRICE: $285 for motor mods, $148 for Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 reed valve, $189.00 for Bill’s pipe, $89.00 for silencer

[IMAGE 1]Bill’s Pipes may not be as big as Pro Circuit or FMF, but that doesn’t mean that the California-based hop-up shop doesn’t know how to coax some serious power out of a motocross bike. Owner Bill Cervera cut his teeth tuning Grand National Dirt Track bikes in the early days for riders like Wayne Rainey (yeah, that Wayne Rainey), and also helped guide Doug Henry and Steve Lamson to their 125cc National Championships. In recent years, Bill’s Pipes has tuned the Suzukis of Arenacross God Buddy Antunez and built pipes for 125cc National Champion Travis Pastrana.

That said, we were pretty sure that Bill’s Pipes could turn our Suzuki RM125 into an even more powerful motocross missile. As hands-down winner of our ’01 125cc Shootout, the RM already had a great motor with a good spread of power throughout the RPM range. Bill’s ported the cylinder, modified the head, slapped on a Moto Tassinari reed cage and finished off the package with one of their plated pipes and matching silencers. Though Bill’s Pipes does offer more extensive modifications that utilize Dynatek variable curve ignitions, we elected to go with the standard, average-customer hop-up package.

The results were astounding. Though the already good low-end hit was not improved much, the gains in the mid-range and top-end made the stock motor feel like a wheezing pig! We had added a tooth to the rear of our bike in stock condition, but with the Bill’s-modified cylinder on, we were able to return to the stock gearing. On the track, even our heavier riders were able to hit tricky jump sections from the inside, and though it was considerably faster, the bike remained easy to ride and keep on the pipe.

At press time, Antunez had a good grasp on the 2001 Arenacross Series point lead. Having ridden a lesser-modified version of what Buddy has, it’s no wonder! If you have a new RM125 and are looking for even more power, Bill’s Pipes is the place to send it.

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