Following his tangle with fellow MX Lites competitor Grant Langston at Budds Creek a week-and-a-half ago, Team Sobe/Samsung Mobile/Honda rider Billy Laninovich is now at home recovering from surgery to his knee. The crash left Lano with a torn ACL ligament, which will require 4-6 months of healing time. TWMX caught up with Billy today to get the latest on his condition…

So we heard that you went down at Budds Creek, what happened?

Well, me and (Grant) Langston got together and went down pretty hard. I ended up getting an MRI on Wednesday and I thought that I had just torn my Meniscus. My knee was really swollen, though, and kept getting worse, and it turned out that they kind of missed it in the original prognosis. When I came in for surgery, I ended up having a torn ACL also.

When did you end up having surgery and how did it all go?

I already had surgery on Monday, and it ended up going very well.

How much time off the bike are you looking at?

The doctors said about 4-6 months, so I’m just going to really take my time. I’m in no real hurry at this point since I will have already missed this year’s outdoor season, so I’ll just have to get ready for next year.

How was your season going before the injury?

Not too bad. I was actually riding a lot better than I was last year, and the first race at Hangtown I ended up getting fifth in the second moto. Last weekend, I had the best race of my life; I was running in second place with three laps to go when I fell down in a corner and had to restart my bike. Then, after that, me and Langston came together, and you know how those South Africans are (laughs), but no we just kind of came together and my knee just popped. I didn’t think anything of it because I have torn my ACL in my left knee three times, and this time it didn’t swell up like it did before. That’s why I just thought it was my Meniscus, but I guess it wasn’t, unfortunately.

With all of the extra time off, are you looking forward to the next season, and are you going to be ready?

Oh yeah, I will definitely be ready! I have to keep my leg in this brace for two or three weeks so I can limit my movement in the areas where they drilled the holes and screwed it in. I’m going to let that heal and just take it easy from there until I am able to start putting weight on it, then I will get back to riding and training to prepare for 2007.