Blackfoot Rules Round 1 of Canadian Nationals ¿ Huffman Second Overall in 250

Round 1 of the CMRC Canadian Motocross Championships held on Sunday, June 13, 2004 in Nanaimo, BC was won with clean sweeps by the Blackfoot Racing Honda duo Dusty Klatt and Jean Sebastien Roy. Klatt totally demolished the competition in the 125cc West Championship; JSR did the same in the 250cc Nationals.

Although Richmond Racing Kawasaki¿s Colton Facciotti grabbed the first 125 holeshot, he was unable to keep Klatt from taking over the lead. Facciotti, hounded by his teammate Jeff Northrop, did manage to hold on to second place till the checkered.

An unleashed Klatt snared the second 125 moto holeshot and never looked back. He rode his own race while everybody behind him fought for positions.  

The Americans Ryan Morais, Klatt¿s Blackfoot teammate in the 125cc, and Northrop completed the podium. They claimed second and third respectively on the strength of 4-2 and 3-4 motos.

Defending 250 Champion Jean Sebastien Roy (JSR) took up where he left off at the final round last season: winning both motos without working up too much of a sweat. In the first moto he built up a staggering 25 seconds deficit over second place finisher Craig Decker (Coors Light Suzuki).


¿It was a great weekend for our team. Everybody on staff performed at their best. For me to go out and win was made that much easier by their support and confidence in me,¿ said Roy.

Roy¿s teammates, Damon Huffman and Klatt, nailed down second and third overall finishes respectively. Huffy had a bit of trouble in moto one, greeting the checkered in fourth. The second moto went much more to his liking with a second place finish behind JSR. Klatt, who is contesting both the 250cc and 125cc Championship, finished an impressive third in both motos.

Decker, who finished fourth in moto two, nailed down fourth overall for the day. Cementing the top-five was Marco Dubé (Honda), who booked 5-5 motos. Dubé came out strong in both motos by grabbing the holeshots but was unable to maintain lead speed.

The fist 250cc moto of the day was red flagged after 13 minutes, due to hard crashes by Huffman and Massachusetts¿s native John Dowd (OTSFF Suzuki). Both riders were able to restart, however, apparently none the worse for wear. While Huffman chalked up second overall, Dowd booked sixth overall on the strength of 6-6 motos.

¿I¿m not too exited with my results but it could have been worse. I would have preferred a track with a bit more sand. This one was hardpack all the way,¿ said Dowd. ¿Next week we¿re on a rough sand track so I¿m sure I¿ll do a lot better there.¿ 

Local favourite Darcy Lange (Richmond Racing), who twice won the event in the past three years, was unable to start. The Courtenay, BC resident hurt his thumb in a crash on Friday. He is expected to be out of action for at least one more round, possibly two.

Blair Morgan (BMR Yamaha), in his first race since a crash on this very same track put him out of commission for all of 2003, finished out of the top-10. The multi-time champion logged 12th overall on the strength of 13-11 motos. 

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125 West ¿ Round 1, Nanaimo BC

  1. Dusty Klatt 1-1
  2. Ryan Morais 4-2
  3. Jeff Northrop 3-4
  4. Kyle Beaton 5-3
  5. Colton Facciotti 2-7
  6. Erik Vallejo 7-5
  7. James Marshall 6-6
  8. Brad Smith 11-9
  9. Ryan Mitchell 15-8
  10. Rory Sullivan 10-14

250cc Nationals ¿ Round 1, Nanaimo BC

  1. Jean Sebastien Roy 1-1
  2. Damon Huffman 4-2
  3. Dusty Klatt 3-3
  4. Craig Decker 2-4
  5. Marco Dubé 5-5
  6. John Dowd 6-6
  7. Brad Hagseth 7-8
  8. Doug DeHaan 9-7
  9. Keith Johnston 8-9
  10. Ryyan Lockhart 10-13