Blose and Demuth Shake Off the Superstition to Race to Victory in Winston Salem Friday January 13th

Demuth Maintains Championship Points Lead Amongst the Carnage in Winston-Salem  

Winston-Salem, NC January 13, 2006   ¿ Mike Kidd Entertainment Group ¿ arrived in Winston-Salem with the K&N presents BooKoo Arenacross Championship Series Brought to you by Toyota ready to entertain NASCAR country for round eight in the 11-stop tour.   No NASCAR going on in January, so the fans of North Carolina turned out to be treated to some close and competitive racing with BooKoo Arenacross Friday night.

Each week the series continues to draw even more competition and excitement than the week before as the series begins to head into the final few rounds and the riders try to grab as many points as they can towards the BooKoo Championship race and the class championships.

In the first qualifier of the night for the 250’s, Damien Plotts lead the Babbitt’s Enxus Oil Kawasaki team to the checkered flag for a green bike sweep of the night’s first heat as teammates Josh Demuth and Brad Ripple rounded out the top three.

Sano Systems PPG Shogun Yamaha rider Tommy Hofmaster and Michael Blose on his new GPS ride battled it out in Heat number two for the top spot and second pick for the main event.  Both riders were coming into Winston-Salem with a recent win under their belt as each took home their first win last weekend during round seven in Reading, PA ¿ Blose Friday night; Hofmaster Saturday night.   In the 450 heats Tiger Lacey took his BooKoo Energy Honda to a win in Heat One with Colt Humphrey grabbing the Heat Two victory.   

As the gate dropped for the 250 Main Event the elevated start launched Michael Blose out ahead of the pack leading to the first turn with BooKoo Energy Honda’s Lacey second and Shane Bess on the Fun Center Troy Lee PPG Suzuki in third.    Lacey took control of the race on lap two as he blitzed the whoops and had a great inside line on Blose for the lead.   

Blose traded the favor on lap three and regained the lead from Lacey who fell back further, allowing Bess and the championship points leader Demuth by.   Blose checked out and put a nice gap between himself and second place Bess while Demuth tried to get his Kawasaki past the Suzuki rider and into that second place spot.   

As the checkered flag waved for the 250’s it was Blose getting his second victory of the season followed by Bess, Demuth, Hofmaster and Lacey.

When the 450 class took to the track for the Main Event Lacey and Sharp Racing’s Travis Bannister fought for that first corner with Lacey coming out on top.   In the opening laps it was Lacey, Bess and then Bannister.    Demuth and Hofmaster got past Bannister on lap two and set their sights on the leaders.   

Bess and Demuth would get past Lacey and begin another fight to the end until lap seven when Bess was overtaking a lapped Kyle Calderini and was taken out in the rhythm section – thus ending his chances of another victory on the year.   Demuth took advantage of the carnage to grab his ninth win of the year.   Lacey and Plotts, who made his way through the pack, would charge to the checkered flag in second and third place respectively.

Demuth put together a good night and managed to salvage some solid finishes and retain the points lead in the BooKoo Championship as well as the 250 and 450 points races while riding injured.   “I was riding my mountain bike the other day and pulled a tendon in my elbow,” said Demuth.   “In practice today I over-jumped a jump and tore a muscle in my bicep.”

Tiger Lacey, in his second week back from an injury suffered earlier in the season, continued his domination of the Dash for Cash be taking home the win Friday night, extending his lead in the poiints race for the BooKoo Bucks!

The action continues tomorrow night at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem for the 8th round of the 11-stop national tour.

Tickets for round eight are on sale at Ticketmaster locations, online at or charge by phone at 336-722-6400.

250 Main:

  1. Michael Blose HON
  2. Shane Bess SUZ
  3. Josh Demuth KAW
  4. Tommy Hofmaster YAM
  5. Tiger Lacey HON
  6. Colt Humphrey YAM
  7. Brad Hagseth SUZ
  8. Brad Modjewski HON
  9. Kyle Calderini KAW
  10. Riley Kurosky HON
  11. Chad Charbonneau HON
  12. Casey Hinson HON
  13. Brad Ripple KAW
  14. Damien Plotts KAW
  15. Travis Bannister HON
  16. Kurt McCabe HON

450 Main:

  1. Josh Demuth KAW
  2. Tiger Lacey HON
  3. Damien Plotts KAW
  4. Brad Hagseth SUZ
  5. Travis Bannister HON
  6. Tommy Hofmaster YAM
  7. Brad Modjewski HON
  8. Colt Humphrey YAM
  9. Brady Sharp HON
  10. Casey Hinson HON
  11. Kurt McCabe HON
  12. Brad Ripple KAW
  13. Riley Kurosky HON
  14. Joseph Rozyckie KAW
  15. Shane Bess SUZ
  16. Kyle Calderini HON