Bombardier ATV Teams Up Again With Unadilla For Upcoming MX National

Longtime Unadilla sponsor Bombardier – makers of ATVs and pretty much all things cool – is on board again for this July¿s MX National at the legendary Upstate N.Y. track

NEW BERLIN, N.Y., (June 8, 2005) ¿ Officials at Unadilla Valley Sports Center were pleased to announce today the continued alliance between the Unadilla MX National and Bombardier – the parent company of Bombardier ATV, Ski-Doo® and Lynx® snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Rotax® karts and engines, Johnson® and Evinrude® outboard.

¿I can¿t begin to tell you how happy we are to continue our alliance with Bombardier and all of its products,¿ said NPG member Greg Robinson of Unadilla. ¿The guys at Bombardier enjoy coming back year after year to the legendary Unadilla track to showcase their great product in front of what proves to be a very ATV/snowmobile/watercraft-friendly crowd.

¿The Unadilla hillsides are filled with spectators and many of them came here in pick up trucks, RVs and/or towing some sort of trailer. These are exactly the people Bombardier is looking forward to reaching with word on their products – and we¿ve been more than happy to deliver them!¿

Added Bombardier¿s Mike Flesner: ¿You won¿t find a larger gathering of off-road vehicle enthusiasts in the region. And these folks are very hands-on, especially well educated in the workings of ATV products in general. We send our top sales and technical reps to staff the event and enjoy mixing with the Unadilla crowd, fielding all sorts of questions regarding the Bombardier product we have on display. It¿s definitely been a great way for us to get out of the factory and meet on common ground with the consumers.¿

In what¿s become on of the more talked about highlights of the Nationals¿ summer tour involving a sponsor and a `unique¿ in which they showcase their product, several Bombardier-backed snocross racers fire up some Ski-Doo® sleds at intermission, drop down into the `Gravity Cavity¿ and launch the sleds back out of the valley to incredible heights and distances – 150-plus feet, some 20-30 feet farther than the bikes!

¿It¿s always right after our first moto, but when I hear those Ski-Doo®  sleds fire up I make a point to climb up on top of a motorhome to watch,¿ said pro racer Ryan Clark of Team Solitaire Racing. ¿Those guys are insane.¿

Bombardier, located right alongside the announcer¿s tower at Unadilla, will roll out a bunch of new product for fans to check out ¿ most notably the new 800cc ¿Outlander¿ which we¿re told will pop wheelies even in four-wheel drive! You can get a head start on all the action by checking out their website:

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