BRAKING USA Announces New Products for 2007

260mm / 270mm Front Off-Road Oversize Wave Rotor Kits that include — 260mm or 270mm Front Wave Rotor, Caliper relocation Bracket, and BRAKING brake pads. Retail – $284.00

Bat Fly Front Off-Road Wave Rotor: The Bat Fly discs represents a great evolution in heat dissipation, as it has less external perimeter, like the Wave rotor, but also an area that is not covered by the pad. In this way when the internal pad touches the disk the external does not and vice versa, so the heat generated from the friction of the pad on a disk side can be dissipated from the other side. The Bat Fly is the natural evolution of the Wave concept and is easily recognizable thanks to the grooves, painted in black, on the braking track that makes it look like bat wings, this is the cause of “Bat Fly name.

Available in 270mm Oversize

  • floating rotor constructed of the highest quality stainless steel
  • much more aggressive in braking due to the better contact between the pad and rotor
  • more resistant to high temperatures
  • less weight – better handling of the bike
  • better progression in brake feeling compared to Wave or round rotor
  • Retail: $600.00

POLISHED STX – street Front Wave Rotor

  • Sport bike / Power Cruiser street applications
  • Our floating STX rotor but with a polished, steel or aluminum carrier that provides the chrome look but WITHOUT the flaking of chrome!
  • Provides all the same performance benefits as the standard STX: more braking power, better heat resistance, less weight, and better overall handling
  • Retail: $320.00 each

SK Front Wave Rotor — Race / High Performance Street
This new rotor series has been developed after a one year program of tests with world championship Superbike and Supersport teams and will be used by AMA Superbike and Formula Extreme Teams

The new rotor will have the following characteristics:

  • external diameter 300mm, 310mm or 320mm
  • carrier made of aluminium for light weight — better handling
  • Directional rotors — requires a left and right rotor for a set
  • Wave evolution profile with precise direction of rotation
  • Standard fitment for the most popular Sport bikes on the market starting from 2004
  • Performance: fast reaction and best feeling on the lever in every condition
  • Resistance to the high temperatures: the direction of rotation of the track profile (left side and right side disc) permit a great ventilation improvement
  • Weight: it is a light rotor because of the low track and aluminium carrier, studied in combination with the last generation radial caliper that has a low surface of friction. The unsprung mass is reduced and has less gyroscopic effect
  • Retail: $349.00 each


Race / High Performance Street Compound CM66 Brake Pads

  • Sintered metal pad for street and supermoto high performance racing use
  • Provides a positive lever feel, powerful initial bite, & longer pad life
  • Best performance in higher temperatures with a more progressive response
  • All Braking pads are designed and the compounds formulated to work best with the Braking Wave Rotor, but can be used with any brake rotor
  • Retail: $ 59.90-$79.90

Product information and applications can be obtained at www.BRAKING.Com or E-Mail – Sales@BRAKING USA.Com. All BRAKING products can be purchased at your nearest dealer.