Brett Downey Safety Foundation Flagger DVD

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation is proud to announce the release of The Instructional DVD for Caution Flaggers. The Foundation has been working on the DVD (video) diligently for several months. The video provides flagging instructions that explains everything from the flag system to proper positioning. It is approximately twelve minutes long. The video’s intended use is for Track owners and/or promoters to view with their experienced caution flaggers on a regular basis as well as new hires. The track owners and/or promoters should hold a Q & A session after viewing the video to further assist in comprehension of the information given from the video.

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation strongly believes caution flaggers are a key component to increasing the safety standards in motocross and tracks should provide a sufficient amount of caution flaggers at every practice and race. The DVD is Free! to every track owner across the nation. The Foundation is offering this video for free in “good faith to track owners in hopes they will agree to hold safety meetings at their track with their caution flaggers on a regular basis. At these meetings the caution flaggers can view the video and discuss how they can improve safety at their track. Many different industries such as construction or even retail require their employees to attend and participate in a safety meeting on a regular basis. Motocross tracks should do the same. The video will be a great tool to assist track owners in these types of safety meetings. Furthermore, The Brett Downey Safety Foundation challenges every track to hire at least one additional caution flagger this year. A safe track starts with educated caution flaggers, a safer track has enough of them to do the job correctly.

This video is free to track owners only. For more information visit