Brett Downey Safety Foundation Goals For 2007

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation is set to release the Instructional DVD for flaggers within the next couple weeks. It will be available to all tracks by request for free. The Foundation feels strongly that flaggers play a vital role to take motocross safety to the next level. The DVD will assist tracks to assure their flaggers will get educated on flagging techniques. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Foundation throughout the year. It was through donations that made the DVD possible as well as offering it free of charge to all tracks.

The Foundation plans to step up their presence at the 2007 Amateur Events. Starting with The Lake Whitney AMA Spring Classic, World Mini Grand Prix, Mammoth Motocross, Ponca City Grand National Championships, Arizona Cycle Park Amateur Open and Perris Raceway Amateur National. At these events The Foundation will have representative Ken Gilbert present to assist in flagger meetings and any safety concerns. The Foundation will provide flagging equipment such as: The Instructional DVD, yellow flags, vests, and helmets. Look for the Foundation booth at these events and stop by to discuss any safety suggestions and concerns. Also you’ll be able to check out the Instructional DVD for Flaggers at the booth as well.

The Foundation plans to organize a Track and Promoter Owner Meeting in 2007. At this meeting track owners can share their safety ideas with each other as well as discuss what safety measures they plan to implement in the future. The Foundation plays a facilitator role to assist everyone in attendance to focus on the common goal for better safety ideas and how to implement those ideas.

The Foundation has plans to organize a Safety Summit in 2007. At the Safety Summit safety apparel companies will be invited to a practice day at a local track to display their safety products. The companies will have displays and samples for the general public to try out on the track. The Foundation will make arrangements to have exclusive access to a track for a day. This will allow riders and their families to come out and practice with the intentions of trying out new safety products and discuss those products with the vendors. It is the goal of The Foundation that the Safety Summit will help promote safety apparel and erase the stigma that some safety apparel is uncomfortable and limits mobility. Another goal of the Safety Summit is to promote new innovative safety ideas and help in new safety inventions.

The Foundation also has plans to start production with a Rider Etiquette DVD. This DVD will instruct new and experienced riders of what’s expected of them while practicing or racing at a track. Everything from wearing proper safety apparel, obeying track rules to holding your line will be addressed in the video. The Foundation is very excited about this DVD, as it is the Foundations hope that every new dirt bike sold will come with a Rider Etiquette DVD.

The Foundation plans to step up advertising in 2007. Promoting motocross safety with ads in magazines, billboards at tracks, distribute brochures in motorsport shops and continue to distribute the Emergency Visor Sticker. These advertisements will be public service announcements and reminders that it is cool to be safe in motocross. In these advertisements The Foundation hopes to reach the future of our sport (the kids) and emphasis the importance of safety.

In conclusion The Instructional DVD for Flaggers, The Safety Summit, The Track Owner Meeting, The Rider Etiquette DVD and Advertisement is part of an ultimate plan to assist everyone in the industry to work as a WHOLE to increase the emphasis on safety in our sport. The goals stated are the prime examples of your donation dollars at work. We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued support.

Please visit for updates on these goals throughout the year.