Brett Downey Safety Foundation Visor Sticker

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation introduces the Visor Sticker. We never want to think of ourselves involved in an emergency situation, but it’s allows good to prepare yourself for one. The Visor Sticker is a quick reference for emergency workers in case of an emergency. You will need to fill in the blanks on the sticker with your emergency information, such as your name, emergency contact number, medical conditions, current medications, allergies, blood type and birth date. The Visor Sticker is to be placed on the underside of the visor of your helmet. It should always be placed in this area. Never place your sticker anywhere else! Always make sure your writing on the sticker is legible. Share this information with your kids and inform them about the placement of the stickers and why they have one. If you’d like a Visor Sticker send an e-mail with your name and mailing address to and we’ll ship one out for no cost. It’s free!