Brittney’s U.S. Open Adventures

by Brittney George

I have to say 2005 has been an amazing year for me. Since being crowned Miss Supercross in May, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many MX events culminating with the U.S. Open in Las Vegas. This much anticipated, high purse event is a perfect way to end a great year. Showgirls, fireworks, laser lights, and jazzy introductions, created the perfect “bling bling” atmosphere for the ultimate racing action, the Vegas U.S. Open Supercross. Overall it was an amazing event! I even got to roam the Strip with Swap himself, even though he did not sport his hot red press vest.

The U.S. Open weekend started off Thursday night with the 1st Annual Road 2 Recovery Celebrity poker tournament held at the MGM. Hats off to Jenny Coombs for organizing this very cool high rolling event. I was very happy to lend Jenny a hand and help with check-in and registration. Fans and non-fans alike could reserve their place at a table with an MX celebrity for a chance to win a $10,000 seat at the world poker tournament. My take; this event fulfilled two roles. It was not only a great way to raise funds for a noble cause, it also allowed people who weren’t familiar with the world of supercross to get up close and personal with industry celebrities. It was an exciting, intense poker game with some goofiness going on at the same time. Carey Hart, the Vegas native who we thought would be a natural, was first out. Kenny (Mr. Utopia) made it to the final table rocking out to his iPod, and intimidating the players with his dance moves.

Ready for the U.S. Open racing action Friday night, the word was that the much anticipated Bubba was out for the race. All the hype talk about Bubba wasn’t going to happen. Inquiring minds want to know what’s wrong with #259? There’s the interview everyone wants to hear. Each motocross and supercross event I’ve attended this year he has either broke, not shown up, or took a u-turn off the track. Am I your bad luck charm Bubba? I know all of us fans are anxiously waiting for 2006 to see what he has to offer! Good Luck Bubba!

Getting to the race action, it wouldn’t be Vegas if we didn’t place our bets on our favorite riders. So Jeremy Mallot and I placed our bets and it will be obvious at Anaheim I that I lost; as I will be wearing an “I Love Jeremy Mallot” shirt. Too funny! I had a super time with those I hung out with. I was also lucky enough to watch the races with Tarah Gieger, that girl has a great sense of humor and she looked hot sporting her neck brace.

Friday night was packed with forceful racing especially in the Supercross Lites class. Andrew Short led an impressive race until his bike started having problems and the unexpected Metcalfe took a strong lead for the win. The supercross class was another victory for the man, RC. However, Byrne shook up the beginning of the main event by racing on RC’s rear tire. But after the close first ten laps RC took off and had another powerful lead for the win. On Saturday night Andrew “Shorty” dominated the track. But the big overall trophy for the U.S. Open went to the outstanding Metcalfe. Also Saturday night, RC pulled it off again. The undisputed Ricky took home the big check. However Windham stepped it up in the main event and held off Byrne, though Michael still took second overall. The U.S. Open was also the stage for the future riders of Supercross. I was really excited to watch the KTM Juniors and the 85 riders. They added much excitement to the racing weekend and put on a show clearing the jumps, pleasing the crowed, and tearing it up in every corner.

I had such a great time at the U.S. Open in “bling bling” Las Vegas and I’m looking forward to the ’06 season. It will bring new surprises and unexpected action to the races. I will have my toes on the edge of the podium not to miss any of the Supercross excitement! See everyone at the races.

Miss Supercross

To see morre of Brittney from the evening before the start of the 2005 U.S. Open, click the photo gallery link under the Related Link heading in the right-hand column.