Broc Tickle | Coffee and Conversation

Broc Tickle trains on a Giant Anthem Advanced 29.

We met up with Broc Tickle this morning before his training ride aboard a Giant Anthem Advanced 29.

Broc Tickle | Coffee and Conversation

We caught up with Tickle just as he was about to start riding again, here.

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It’s been six months since Broc Tickle broke his back at the Toronto Supercross, and it’s been a long road to recovery for the former West Coast 250 Supercross Champion. Tickle has been training like a madman on his road bike, and was cleared to get back on his motocross bike only a few days ago. With three days of moto under his belt, his hands are blistered and his smile is wide. We checked in with Tickle early this morning before he headed out on a mountain bike training ride.  “I can’t believe how much riding again improved my mood,” said Tickle, over coffee in his SoCal home. Click the video below to see how Broc is doing, and what his plans are for the 2015 season.