BTOSports Holiday Gift Guide | Day 3

Jessica protects her knees with the Asterisk Cell.

Jessica protects her knees with the Asterisk Cell.

BTOSports Holiday Gift Guide

Asterisk Cell Knee Braces

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Welcome to the TransWorld Motocross Holiday Gift Guide, presented by Between now and Christmas Eve, we'll be showing you the hottest gifts for the motocross lovers in your life. Today's gift are the best knee braces money can buy: the Asterisk Cell. Take it away, Jess…


Asterisk Cell

The Asterisk Cell knee brace is available in a wide selection of colors and sizes. The Cell is the number-one choice in knee braces among TransWorld Motocross staff and test riders.

Asterisk – Cell Knee Brace

$566 per pair

The Cell Knee Brace is back and improved from its orginal version !
Carbon Fiber Frame
Traditional Cell Red Paint
Asymmetri-Glide Hinge with Built-in Hyper Extension system
Adjustable Retention cuffs (A.R.C. Cuff)
New Quick Release Straps (Velcro Straps with our quick-release buckle system)
Tele-Tri Patella Cup System
Anti-Rotation Tether System
Undersleeves are included with the New Cell