BTOSports Holiday Gift Guide | Day 16


BTOSports Holiday Gift Guide

Day 16 | 6D ATR-1 Youth Helmet

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Welcome to the final day of the TransWorld Motocross Holiday Gift Guide, presented by For the past 16 days, we’ve offered up some great gift ideas for the motocross lovers in your lives, and Jessica has made every one of our videos ones to watch, right? Today, you should think about your mini motocrossers, as we suggest the 6D ATR-1 Youth MX helmet. 6D has changed the way we all think about motocross helmets and rotational brain injuries…why shouldn’t your kids be just as safe as you? Check it out…



The 6D ATR-1 now comes in youth sizes!

The 6D ATR-1 now comes in youth sizes!

6D – ATR-1Y Chaos Motocross Helmet (Youth)


Designed to incorporate all of the same outstanding safety benefits of the adult helmet, only smaller, lighter, and specifically designed for younger riders competing on 50’s, 65’s, and 80’s. Full ODS dual-layer PES liner system, removable washable comfort liner, and DOT and ECE certified.