Budds Creek Draws Nearly 20,000…

Budds Creek Draws Nearly 20,000 To Round Five Of The 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship

Promoter and NPG member Jonathan Beasley takes a soggy track and works miracles, showcasing two of the best races all year!

Budds Creek, MD, (June 16, 2003) ¿ The eastern seaboard, particularly Budds Creek Motocross Park, had suffered through one of the toughest spring seasons on record as far as rain goes. During the month of May it rained 26 out of 31 days and June picked up right were May left off as Jonathan Beasley’s legendary track was getting pummeled with rain the Friday and Saturday prior to his scheduled Outdoor National.

But powers that be that control the weather must, like the rest of the country that watched the recent “60 Minutes II” story, have taken a liking to motocross as the thunder clouds took a break in favor of thunder bikes when Round Five of the Outdoor National Series rolled into Maryland.

“Folks have no idea the amount of work that went into preparing this track for today’s race,” said an elated Beasley as he stood in the entrance way to Budds Creek Motocross Park, helping the State Police direct traffic. “Budds is supported by an amazing cast of employees and volunteers who all worked together as a team to pull this off. You wouldn’t believe the amount of rain we’ve had here. More than I can ever remember.

“At one point I thought we were going to have to replace the announcer’s tower with an ark.”

The skies cleared and Beasley got the break he needed Sunday, his crew going to work in dozers, tractors and loaders scraping mud to the side and tilling the sandy Maryland soil into perfection. Literally overnight the track was transformed from a one-line blue groove flanked with mud to a wide open, multi-line race course where fans could see passing on every portion of the track.

“On Saturday we got rained out in our qualifiers and I thought the track would be horrible on Sunday,” said pro rider Randy Valade, who made the trip down from Michigan to race Budds Creek. “It rained so hard on Saturday that there was a river running down the middle of the track. So these guys pulled off some kind of miracle to get the track prepped for Sunday because the conditions were excellent come race time.”

Attendance, though good, could have been better, according to Beasley. “I think we could have had upwards of 3,000 more fans if the threat of rain wasn’t looming over our heads,” said Beasley. “I think because of the spring we’ve had, some of the local fans just figured it was going to rain and stayed home. And I think they’ll be kicking themselves now after their buddies come home and tell them about the incredible racing they missed.”

The Outdoor Nationals and its athletes will take a well-deserved two week break before picking up with Round Six of the series at Red Bud in Buchanan, Mich.

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