Buddy Antunez Opens Athlete Management Firm

Five-time National Arenacross Champion, Buddy Antunez, opens the doors of his own athlete management agency.  Along with his attorney-partner and co-founder, Steve Aldaco, Buddy has created The Agents with several goals and unique reasons in mind.

As you know, Buddy has had a very successful career racing motorcycles, having had factory rides and being a privateer alike.  He knows the ups and downs within the motocross industry and has become familiar with many members of that industry.  As a result, of being on both sides of the factory rig, he realizes what many of the riders go through when seeking a ride for the following season.  This is only one aspect of being someone¿s agent that Buddy intends to offer to his clients, but his services do not stop there, as many of the other agencies do.    

Steve, on the other hand, brings to the table his legal background and research and education in the areas of business and marketing.  Steve is currently a member of one of California¿s largest law firms, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP.  All of the clients of The Agents will benefit by having their contracts closely scrutinized by Steve.  These legal services will be paid by The Agents to Steve¿s employer.  This is a valuable service, because you can bet all of the teams and manufacturers have their contracts reviewed by their lawyers.  This has always been an unfair advantage in the eyes of Buddy and Steve.  Steve is here to level the playing field.  Now the riders will have an attorney looking out for their best interests.  Both Buddy and Steve agree that this is a big advantage over the other agencies.

In fact, while Buddy and Steve were exploring the idea of opening an agency, they came to find out that being an agent is highly regulated within California and throughout the country.  Not complying with all of the regulations can have severe consequences.  Rest assured, The Agents is complying, as they take the responsibility of being someone¿s agent, very seriously.

Another benefit of the relationship with such a large law firm is the access to numerous legal resources The Agents will have. For instance, if a client of The Agents requires legal services other than contract review and negotiation, Steve can commission his employer.  These other services will be at the cost of the individual rider, but the access is invaluable.

Buddy obviously knows what it takes to obtain a championship.  In fact, he knows what it takes to obtain a championship time and time again, as well as defend that championship.  Clients of The Agents will gain access to this valuable information.  In fact, it is Buddy¿s intention to not only help his clients obtain a ride on a team, but to get their full potential out of their individual abilities.  Buddy will counsel those clients who seek his guidance in creating a training schedule that will allow them to be in the proper physical state throughout their season.  He is always available to his clients, for any of their questions.

For further questions or information regarding the possibilities of having The Agents work for you, feel free to contact Buddy Antunez on his cell phone, which can be seen growing out of his ear, at (951) 205-4686 and via e-mail at budman1ax@aol.com.  Steve may be contacted via cell phone, which is permanently affixed to his hip, at (951) 205-3348, or via e-mail at aldaco@lbbslaw.com.