Buyer’s Guide Special

Leave these Buyer’s Guides (from our November ’06 issue) open on your computer so that special someone in your life will know exactly what to buy you as a last-minute holiday gift…

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This month, we made a disturbing discovery. What’s that, you ask? Being handy with tools like T-handle wrenches and flathead screwdrivers while working on dirt bikes in no way guarantees any sort of skills when working with wood. See, it’s new gear season, and every August our offices our flooded with new gear samples from the manufacturers. Boxes pile up and stacks of gear sometimes reach the ceiling, leaving the plush TWMX offices looking like a multi-colored nylon and spandex bomb went off inside.

That said, we set out to build a closet of sorts to help us properly organize all the stuff before it was used in various bike-testing photo shoots. After watching a few episodes of This Old House and sitting through a couple Saturday morning workshops at Home Depot, we figured that we were ready to dive headfirst into our very first office improvement project. As you can see, the results were less than spectacular. Swap couldn’t hammer a nail in straight to save his life, Luis went nuts with the spray paint, and Skin and Cooley started lighting stuff on fire like Beavis and Butthead. Oh well, at least all the new 2007 gear offerings made it through the project looking sharp!


Call them what you will—chest protectors, roost deflectors, or shoulder pads—whatever the name, the goal is the same: Chest protectors and the like all reduce your chance of being injured while you ride, whether it’s from a stray rock served up with your buddy’s stone spray sandwich or a competitor’s footpeg headed straight for your chest. If you are ever in the event that you need one, trust us, you’ll be glad you had one on.

In fact, in the sport of motocross you really can’t go to the gate armed with too much protection, which is why the editors of TWMX put together this 2007 guide to the best chest protectors in the biz. We rounded up 15 of the latest and greatest offerings we could find, compiled the sizes, prices, and colors, and listed the best features of each, all with your safety in mind…