Calling All Supercross Privateers! Team Positions Available on Privateer Shuttle announced today that there will be 4 positions available on the new Privateer Shuttle.

The Privateer Shuttle is a grassroots program put together by to help several privateers travel and compete in the 2006 Ampd Mobile Supercross Series.

Founder of Rich Maychrich says, The purpose of the Privateer Shuttle is to help several Privateers race the SX series that would not have been able to otherwise. Racers will get to see if theyve got what it takes.

The Privateer Shuttle will be traveling in true privateer style jokes Rich. Were not a factory team with an 18-wheeler, but we hope that we can make a difference for a few privateers. If we can do that, then it will be a success.

Along with providing transportation and pit service, Privateers aboard the Privateer Shuttle will gain exposure through committed media partners, sponsors, websites and publications following the shuttles progress.

Exposure is a key component to Privateers climbing the ladder in the racing industry. Rich says, Our goal is to generate enough exposure for these riders that they will have significant opportunities with other teams next year and a shot at a full time racing career.

The Privateer Shuttle has confirmed the West Coast SX schedule and will be announcing the East Coast schedule in the coming weeks.

Requirements: Privateers must have their AMA Pro License and must have previously qualified for at least 2 Supercross races or 2 Outdoor Nationals. Exceptions can be made.

Privateers looking to compete in the Ampd Mobile AMA Supercross series should contact immediately about joining the Privateer Shuttle. Restrictions and Conditions apply.

Sponsors interested in supporting the Shuttle can receive a media by contacting

For more information, please contact Rich Maychrich at by calling 888-9-SPONSOR or by emailing

You can also see the Privateer Shuttle Website at