Carmichael and Reed win New Orleans!


Chad Reed owns AMA’s 125 East Coast SX Series in 2002. The young Australian just turned 20 years old on Friday and gave himself another win tonight. Reed is now five-for-five, winning all of the eastern region main events thus far in the season.

Team Moto-XXX rider Kelly Smith was the holeshot winner but Reed took the lead right away from Smith and started to run away. Langston passed Reed in the early laps of the race, but the smart riding Reed let Langston go. Langston would later on surrender the lead back to Reed and settle for second for the night. Larry Ward was tonight’s third place finisher. Last weekend in Daytona, Ward had some bike problems but they were not a factor tonight.

Round 10, 125cc East Main New Orleans, LA.

1. Chad Reed – YAM 2. Grant Langston – KTM 3. Larry Ward – YAM 4. Mike Brown – KAW 5. Greg Schnell – YAM 6. Branden Jesseman – SUZ 7. Steve Boniface – KTM 8. Jeff Gibson – YAM 10. John Dowd – KTM

125 East Point Standings after round 10

1. Chad Reed -125 2. Mike Brown – 102 3. Steve Boniface – 76 4. Buddy Antunez – 69 5. Grant Langston – 69 6. Larry Ward – 68 7. Branden Jesseman – 61 8. Greg Schnell – 61 9. John Dowd – 58 10. Kelly Smith – 57

In the 250cc class everyone’s eyes were on Factory Yamaha’s David Vuillemin. The French rider is nursing a hurt shoulder he sustained two weeks ago during a photo shoot. When the gate dropped, a fresh Tim Ferry was off to a great start and it looked like he was going to be able to keep his YZ 426F in front. However, the slick Superdome track got the best of Red Dog and sent him to the back of the pack. RC took over the lead for the remainder of the race. The battle to watch, however, was between the two French riders Roncada and Vuillemin. Riding with a severe amount of pain The Cobra was passed by the Chevy Trucks/Kawasaki rider. Seven-time SX champion Jeremy McGrath looked to be gaining on David but could not get closer than four seconds. Carmichael now holds a ten point lead on Vuillemin, with six rounds remaining, the last half of the season looks like it is going to be just as good as the first half.

With crashes by Ferry, Fonseca and Lusk, tonight’s track in the Superdome proved to be a slick one. Hard-packed dirt combined with loose dirt on top seemed to be the reason why the track took its toll. Visibly absent tonight were Sobe/Suzuki’s Travis Pastrana and American Honda’s Sebastian Tortelli. Sebastian crashed in practice and decided to sit this round out, while Travis was recuperating from a sinus surgery he had done in Los Angeles this past week.

Round 10, 250cc Main New Orleans, LA.

1. Ricky Carmichael – HON 2. Stephane Roncada – KAW 3. David Vuillemin – YAM 4. Jeremy McGrath – YAM 5. Ezra Lusk – KAW 6. Nate Ramsey – HON 7. Heath Voss – HON 8. Nick Wey – YAM 9. Ernesto Fonseca – HON 10. Tim Ferry – YAM

250cc Point standings after round 10

1. Ricky Carmichael – 209 2. David Vuillemin – 199 3. Ezra Lusk – 148 4. Stephane Roncada – 148 5. Jeremy McGrath – 144 6. Mike LaRocco – 120 7. Nate Ramsey – 117 8. Ernesto Fonseca – 107 9. Nick Wey – 104 10. Heath Voss – 104