Carmichael and Stewart Do it Again in Troy Ohio.

Another sizable crowd turned out for motocrossat the National Promoter’s Group produced and promoted round of theAMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships. Nearly 20,000 fans filled thewoods on Sunday at Don Kenworthy’s Motocross Park to view motorsports’ bestathletes competing bar to bar and through the air above the Ohiocountryside.

“I can’t say enough about the motocross fans in the great state of Ohio,”said promoter Don Kenworthy. “Year in and year out they brave the sometimeshot and humid conditions to come see an event that’s become part of thesummer heritage for the city of Troy and surrounding communities. We’re veryproud of this event and look forward to it’s continued growth in the yearsto come.”

The 19,350 fans in attendance got to see Honda’s Ricky Carmichael continueto write himself into the record books. Last week, at the Red Bud OutdoorNational in neighboring Michigan, Carmichael broke the all-time record forconsecutive moto wins (held by the legendary Bob “Hurricane” Hannah) – byrecording his 11th and 12th individual moto wins in the two-moto format. AtKenworthy’s he added to that, logging wins 13 and 14 on the tacky, jumpfilled track.

“You know, I always look forward to coming to Ohio and racing,” saidCarmichael, who won at Kenworthy’s for the third consecutive time – a recordin itself. “The fans here have always been very supportive and I enjoyracing on this track. It’s (the track) a bit different than most of theother tracks we race on, but my CR 250 hooked up nicely on the surface andallowed me to get out early and build a comfortable lead.”

Rounding out the podium in second place was Carmichael’s Honda teammate,Sebastien Tortelli, and in third was team Kawasaki’s Ezra Lusk.

In the 125 class, Kawasaki’s James Stewart’s legend continues to grow. The16-year-old Floridian proved yet again he’s the fastest 125 rider on theplanet, coming from behind to win the first moto and literally dominatingthe second moto from start to finish. The win was Stewart’s fifth on theseason, extending his points lead to 55 over the next closest competitor.

“I actually wasn’t feeling too well this week, didn’t train as much or ashard as I normally do and, honestly, was surprised I did as well as I did,”said Stewart on his third 1-1 moto sweep of the season. “I liked this track.First time I’ve raced here. It’s technical, a bit difficult to get the hangof, but after a while I settled in and my Kawasaki KX 125 ran excellent,allowing me to win both motos.”

Rounding out the podium in the 125 class was Suzuki’s Branden Jesseman insecond and teammate Danny Smith in third.

The Outdoor Nationals make its next stop on Sunday, July 21st, at Unadillain New Berlin, NY.

125 cc event standings:

1. James Stewart (KAW), 1/1

2. Branden Jesseman (SUZ), 2/4

3. Danny Smith (SUZ), 7/3

4. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 4/5

5. Brock Sellards (KTM), 5/6

6. Eric Sorby (KAW), 8/8

7. Chad Reed (YAM), 23/2

8. Larry Ward (YAM), 6/14

9. Matt Walker (KAW), 3/19

10. Casey Johnson (YAM), 10/12

11. Travis Preston (HON), 14/10

12. Rodrig Thain (YAM), 18/7

13. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 16/11

14. Greg Schnell (YAM), 12/15

15. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 22/9

16. Josh Demuth (YAM), 9/21

17. Paul Currie (SUZ), 15/17

18. Michael Byrne (HON), 11/24

19. Justin Buckelew (SUZ), 21/13

20. Josh Woods (SUZ), 13/34

250cc event standings:

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 1/1

2. Sebsastien Tortelli (HON), 2/2

3. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 4/3

4. Mike LaRocco (HON), 3/5

5. Robbie Reynard (HON), 5/6

6. Tim Ferry (YAM), 9/4

7. Kyle Lewis (HON), 7/7

8. Paul Carpenter ? HON), 6/11

9. Heath Voss (HON), 8/10

10. Keith R. Johnson (YAM), 11/12

11. Nick Wey (YAM), 10/15

12. Clark Stiles (HON), 13/14

13. John Dowd (KTM), 27/8

14. Nate Ramsey (HON), 35/9

15. Brad Hagseth (YAM), 18/13

16. Guy Cooper (KTM), 16/16

17. Craig Decker (YAM), 14/19

18. Keith S Johnson (KTM), 12/36

19. Steve Lamson (HUS), 17/18

20. Ryan Clark (YAM), 15/21

Overall point standings 125cc:

1. James Stewart JR (KAW), 287

2. Chad Reed (YAM), 232

3. Branden Jesseman (SUZ), 222

4. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 211

5. Danny Smith (SUZ), 196

6. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 153

7. Matt Walker (KAW), 147

8. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 117

9. Larry Ward (YAM), 108

10. Eric Sorby (KAW), 107

11. Brock Sellards (KTM), 105

12. Travis Preston (HON), 103

13. Michael Brown (KAW), 89

14. Josh Demuth (YAM), 88

15. Grant Langston (KTM), 77

16. Ivan Tedesco (YAM), 73

17. Michael Byrne (HON), 70

18. Greg Schnell (YAM), 63

19. Bobby Bonds (KAW), 61

20. Paul Currie (SUZ) 54

Overall point standings 250cc:

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 350

2. Timmy Ferry (YAM), 263

3. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 252

4. Sebastien Tortelli (HON), 242

5. Kyle Lewis (HON), 194

6. John Dowd (KTM), 169

7. Robbie Reynard (HON), 142

8. Mike LaRocco (HON), 130

9. David Vuillemin (YAM), 118

10. Sean Hamblin (SUZ), 114

11. Heath Voss (HON), 110

12. Paul Carpenter (HON), 92

13. Craig Decker (YAM), 73

14. Keith S. Johnson (KTM), 63

15. Guy Copper (KTM), 62

16. Stephane Roncada (KAW), 59

17. Keith R. Johnson (YAM), 57

18. Nick Wey (YAM), 56

19. Clark Stiles (HON), 56

20. Ryan Clark (YAM), 52