Carmichael and Stewart Dominate Unadilla

The National Promoters Group produced and promoted Unadilla round of the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships enjoyed another massive crowd on Sunday in New Berlin, NY. And the riders of the greatest motorcycle racing series on the planet did not disappoint the 22,686 in attendance as the racing was fast and furious and a number of records were set or tied on the afternoon.

“This was third largest crowd of all time,” said elated NPG member Greg Robinson, who’s family promotes the Unadilla Outdoor National. (Note: The largest Unadilla crowd was in 1984 when more than 24,000 were in attendance.) “We made a number of improvements to the facility this year, including not allowing amateurs to run on the pro track prior to Sunday’s event. Because of that I think our track was the best condition it’s been in some time. I heard a lot of favorable comments from a number of the riders.”

The fastest times of the day–by far–were put in by Honda’s Ricky Carmichael as he continued to put his name in the AMA record books every time he throws a leg over a dirt bike. At Unadilla, “RC” tied a 23-year old record with another overall 250cc class motocross win–his eighth straight in eight races this season. His 1-1 finish in the two moto format also extended his moto win streak to 16-straight. And joining Carmichael on the podium at Unadilla were Yamaha’s Tim Ferry in second and Factory Connection Honda’s Mike LaRocco in third.

“Things are going real well,” said Carmichael. “I can honestly say that I’m not getting caught up in all these records, or the streak. My CR 250’s running great and my goal, as it has been from the beginning, is to win the overall title.”

The best racing on the day came in the 125 class as rookie phenom James Stewart (Kawasaki) overcame some mid-race charges by Australian Chad Reed (Yamaha) in the first moto and Branden Jesseman (Suzuki) in the second moto to capture the overall title and put a 65-point cushion between he and Reed in the overall 125 title chase.

Stewart, experiencing his first race ever at the legendary grounds of Unadilla, was smiling through out the entire weekend, especially after holding off charges by Reed and Jesseman to take the 125 overall. “I think we gave the fans some great racing today,” said Stewart. “And I couldn’t help but think of all the legendary racers that have battled here over the years. I definitely enjoyed my experience here this weekend at Unadilla.”

Rounding out the podium in the 125 class were Jesseman in second and Reed in third.

The Outdoor Nationals make its next stop on Sunday, July 28st, at Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Wash.

125 cc event standings:

1. James Stewart (KAW), 1/1

2. Branden Jesseman (SUZ), 3/2

3. Chad Reed (YAM), 2/4

4. Matt Walker (KAW), 4/3

5. Danny Smith (SUZ), 6/5

6. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 5/6

7. Michael Byrne (HON), 7/8

8. Travis Preston (HON), 10/9

9. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 13/7

10. Ben Townley (KTM), 9/13

11. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 15/11

12. David Pingree (HON), 19/10

13. Andrew Short (SUZ), 17/12

14. Eric Sorby (KAW), 8/24

15. Chris Gosselaar (HON), 16/15

16. Justin Buckelew (SUZ), 14/18

17. Josh Demuth (YAM), 11/40

18. Larry Ward (YAM), 12/32

19. Paul Currie (SUZ), 18/16

20. Casey Johnson (YAM), 39/14

250cc event standings:

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 1/1

2. Tim Ferry (YAM), 2/2

3. Mike LaRocco (HON), 3/3

4. Sebsastien Tortelli (HON), 4/5

5. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 6/4

6. Josh Coppins (HON), 5/8

7. Robbie Reynard (HON), 7/7

8. Kyle Lewis (HON), 8/9

9. Nate Ramsey (HON), 14/6

10. Heath Voss (HON), 13/11

11. Damien Plotts (HON), 9/15

12. Steve Lamson (HUS), 18/10

13. Guy Cooper (KTM), 15/13

14. Jean Sebastien Roy (HON), 17/12

15. Ryan Clark (YAM), 16/14

16. Nick Wey (YAM), 10/36

17. Stephane Roncada (KAW), 11/26

18. John Dowd (KTM), 12/32

19. Keith S Johnson (KTM), 38/16

20. Ty Wallace (YAM), 40/17

Overall point standings 125cc:

1. James SStewart JR (KAW), 337

2. Chad Reed (YAM), 272

3. Branden Jesseman (SUZ), 254

4. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 242

5. Danny Smith (SUZ), 227

6. Matt Walker (KAW), 185

7. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 175

8. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 133

9. Travis Preston (HON), 126

10. Eric Sorby (KAW), 120

11. Larry Ward (YAM), 117

12. Brock Sellards (KTM), 109

13. Josh Demuth (YAM), 98

14. Michael Byrne (HON), 97

15. Michael Brown (KAW), 89

16. Grant Langston (KTM), 77

17. Ivan Tedesco (YAM), 73

18. Paul Currie (SUZ) 68

19. Greg Schnell (YAM), 63

20. Casey Johnson (HON), 61

Overall point standings 250cc:

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 400

2. Timmy Ferry (YAM), 307

3. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 285

4. Sebastien Tortelli (HON), 276

5. Kyle Lewis (HON), 219

6. John Dowd (KTM), 178

7. Robbie Reynard (HON), 170

8. Mike LaRocco (HON), 170

9. Heath Voss (HON), 128

10. David Vuillemin (YAM), 118

11. Sean Hamblin (SUZ), 114

12. Paul Carpenter (HON), 92

13. Guy Copper (KTM), 76

14. Craig Decker (YAM), 73

15. Nate Ramsey (HON), 72

16. Stephane Roncada (KAW), 69

17. Keith S. Johnson (KTM), 68

18. Nick Wey (YAM), 67

19. Ryan Clark (YAM), 64

20. Damien Plotts (HON), 62