Carmichael Clinches 250 Crown While Keeping His Perfect Season Intact; Stewart Wins Sixth In a Row

Carmichael Clinches 250 Crown While Keeping His Perfect Season Intact; Stewart Wins Sixth In a Row

Ricky Carmichael continued his clean-sweep of the 250 class in the 2002 AMA Chevy Trucks US MX Championship Series, wheeling his Honda to a pair of easy moto wins in Millville, MN. That gives him 20 moto wins in a row, and only four motos remaining for a perfect season.After the second moto, Ricky said, “It feels unbelievable to get another title. I never dreamed that I would be this successful. It’s awesome to have the streak, and even if I don’t go all the way, it’s been a heck of a year and I’m ecstatic with the way things are going.”Ezra Lusk and Sebastian Tortelli had a spirited battle in the closing stages of the second moto to determine second overall. Lusk’s 4-3 score gave him the nod over Tortelli’s 3-4. In the 125 class, Chad Reed reeled in, passed, and pulled away from James Stewart in moto one. Reed said, “I had the whoops down really good and had a good line. I had a lot of fun and haven’t had a lot of fun in a long time. If anyone’s had a dislocated shoulder, you know it’s a long rehab and I haven’t really been up to my best.””I got a good start for once. I’ve been working really hard with Tim Ferry, and it’s been paying off. It’s time to start beating these boys.”Stewart commented, “I ran off the track in the back section and I was kind of bummed when he got back around me. But Chad rode an awesome race. I come out here to race to win. I don’t come out to get seconds?but I’m also concerned about the points, too.”Stewart returned to his usual form in moto two, scoring another easy win, and taking his sixth national win in a row. With four motos remaining, he’s only five points short of clinching the 125 title in his rookie season. Reed’s second overall vaulted past Branden Jesseman, and back into second overall in the season standings Grant Langston’s return to action was marked by a sixth place in moto one, and a crash late in moto two while in second position resulted in a DNF.Next weekend the series moves to the Broome-Tioga Sports Center in Binghamton, NY.


125cc OverallPosition/Rider/Brand/Moto Scores1. James Stewart Jr (KAW) 2-12. Chad Reed (YAM) 1-23. Brock Sellards (KTM) 3-44. Matt Walker (KAW) 7-35. Ernesto Fonseca (HON) 4-56. Branden Jesseman (SUZ) 8-77. Christopher Gosselaar (HON) 13-68. Michael Byrne (HON) 9-109. Shae Bentley (KAW) 16-810. Travis Preston (HON) 11-1311. Eric Sorby (KAW) 5-3512. Grant Langston (KTM) 6-3113. Danny Smith (SUZ) 10-1814. Larry Ward (YAM) 14-1515. Buddy Antunez (SUZ) 25-916. David Pingree (HON) 38-1117. Justin Buckelew (SUZ) 28-1218. Billy Laninovich (KTM) 12-2219. Steve Boniface (KTM) 24-1420. Andrew Short (SUZ) 15-21

250 Overall1. Ricky Carmichael (HON) 1-12. Ezra Lusk (KAW) 4-33. Sebastien Tortelli (HON) 3-44. Timmy Ferry (YAM) 6-25. Nathan Ramsey (HON) 2-66. Mike Larocco (HON) 5-57. Robbie Reynard (HON) 8-78. John Dowd (KTM) 7-109. Sean Hamblin (SUZ) 10-810. Stephane Roncada (KAW) 9-911. Kyle Lewis (HON) 11-1112. Nicholas Wey (YAM) 13-1213. Clark Stiles (HON) 15-1314. Damien Plotts (HON) 12-1615. Ryan Clark (YAM) 16-1516. Evan Laughridge (SUZ) 18-1417. Keith R Johnson (YAM) 14-1818. Keith S Johnson (KTM) 26-1719. James Povolny Jr (HON) 17-3720. Justin Brayton (HON) 23-19


Position/Rider/Points1. James Stewart Jr 4292. Chad Reed 3353. Branden Jesseman 3254. Ernesto Fonseca 3095. Danny Smith 2516. Matt Walker 2477. Buddy Antunez 2088. Larry Ward 1759. Brock Sellards 16410. Eric Sorby 16311. Travis Preston 15412. Damon Huffman 14913. Michael Byrne 13214. Josh Demuth 9815. Grant Langston 9216. Christopher Gosselaar 9017. Michael Brown 89 18. Paul Currie 87 19. David Pingree 7420. Ivan Tedesco 73

250cc1. Ricky Carmichael 5002. Timmy Ferry 3863. Ezra Lusk 3474. Sebastien Tortelli 3215. Kyle Lewis 2776. John Dowd 2307. Robbie Reynard 2288. Mike Larocco 2289.. Sean Hamblin 16310. Nathan Ramsey 14611. Heath Voss 13512. David Vuillemin 11813. Paul Carpenter 11614. Stephane Roncada 11315. Nicholas Wey 11016. Ryan Clark 9017. Keith Johnson 8518. Guy Cooper 8119. Damien Plotts 7620. Keith Johnson 73