Carmichael Reels in Another THQ World Supercross GP Victory

Ramsey earns second 125cc Class win

VANCOUVER , B.C., Canada (December 11, 2004) – Ricky Carmichael, of Havana, Fla., took home his second THQ World Supercross GP win at B.C. Place Stadium on his Suzuki motorcycle. Nathan Ramsey, who won last week’s 125cc main event, earned another win tonight.

Honda’s Kyle Lewis grabbed the holeshot with Carmichael in third place on the opening lap.  At the start of lap two, Carmichael moved into the lead and rode to his second consecutive victory.  Honda rider Nick Wey made his first podium of the season with a second place finish.  Damon Huffman rode his Honda to third place, his first podium of the season.

“We’ve got one goal and that’s to be supercross champion, and we have a long road ahead of us, said Carmichael. “I’ haven’t felt this good in a long time.  Canada has been really great, and hopefully we can come back.

Ramsey charged his KTM motorcycle into the lead on lap three after a mid-pack start. Arenacross champion, Darcy Lange, was not able to finish the race despite a good effort and winning his heat race.  Lange rode his way to 7 th place in lap 11, but then earned a DNF for the race. Kawasaki’s Jeff Northrop won the holeshot.

“I’ve never felt this good going into the series, said Ramsey.  “These last two races helped me out a lot.  

THQ World Supercross GP, 250cc Event Results, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki
  2. Nick Wey, Honda
  3. Damon Huffman, Honda
  4. Mike LaRocco, Honda
  5. Heath Voss, Yamaha
  6. Jason Thomas, Honda
  7. Tyler Evans, Suzuki
  8. Kyle Lewis, Honda
  9. Josh Hansen, KTM
  10. Erick Vallejo, Yamaha

THQ World Supercross GP, 250cc Overall Standings

  1. Ricky Carmichael, Suzuki, 50
  2. Nick Wey, Honda, 40
  3. Mike LaRocco, Honda, 40
  4. Damon Huffman, Honda, 32
  5. Heath Voss, Yamaha, 32
  6. Tyler Evans, Suzuki, 29
  7. Jason Thomas, Honda, 28
  8. Tim Ferry, Yamaha, 24
  9. Erick Vallejo, Yamaha, 21
  10. Kyle Lewis, Honda, 20

THQ World Supercross GP, 125cc Event Results, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  1. Nathan Ramsey, KTM
  2. Jeff Northrop, Kawasaki
  3. Brad Hagseth, Honda
  4. Evan Laughridge, Kawasaki
  5. R. Lockhart, Yamaha
  6. K. Beaton, Yamaha
  7. G. Crater, Honda
  8. R. Sullivan, Honda
  9. D. Ewing, Honda
  10. P. Chamberlain, Yamaha

KTM Junior Supercross Challenge (KJSC)

  1. T. Cathcart, KTM
  2. T. Williams, KTM
  3. H. Ingino, KTM
  4. C. McGill, KTM
  5. D. Good, KTM
  6. J. Armstrong, KTM
  7. T. Hart, KTM
  8. B. Morrow, KTM
  9. D. Franklin, KTM
  10. P. Blakely, KTM
  11. M. Creighton, KTM
  12. J. Reynolds, KTM
  13. C. Eremko, KTM
  14. H. Langelier, KTM
  15. A. McKay, KTM

The two international races coupled with 15 of the domestic races (excluding the Daytona Supercross) comprise the 17-round THQ World Supercross GP. Last season Heath Voss, of Mico, Texas piloted his Mach 1 Yamaha to the THQ World Supercross GP championship, earning top honors and giving Yamaha its second world championship in as many seasons.

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