Carmichael, Stewart, Reed and Pastrana Square off in Dallas

AURORA, III. (March 28, 2005) – This weekend the city of Dallas hosts the world’s top THQ World Supercross GP/THQ AMA Supercross Series riders, featuring Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Chad Reed and Travis Pastrana.

Pastrana, 21, and Stewart, 19, sustained injuries earlier in the season, forcing them to miss the first half of the season. Stewart, of Haines City, Fla., returned to racing two weeks ago at Orlando’s Citrus Bowl where he finished on the podium. Pastrana, of Davidsonville, Md., returns to racing this weekend.

Yamaha’s Reed, of Dade City, Fla., has won three races this season and currently sits in second place in THQ AMA Supercross Series points standings behind Suzuki’s Carmichael. Reed, who won his first 250cc THQ AMA Supercross Series championship last season, earned his 21 st career 250cc supercross victory at Orlando’s Citrus Bowl. This weekend Reed can become the first rider in history to win in Dallas three times.

Carmichael, 25, has three 250cc THQ AMA Supercross Series championships to his name and can give Suzuki their first win in Dallas. The winner of seven main events this season, Carmichael is ready to rebound after the loss last weekend.

“I have to admit I’m a sore loser,” said Carmichael after Orlando. “I like to win. I’m racing against the best riders in the world here and I have to be happy with the outcome of the race.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to lay down and give away the last five races.”

Although Carmichael has finished second in the last two races, he’s focused on winning the championship. Heading into Dallas he has a 29-point lead over Reed with five races left.

“Overall, I’m happy with how my year has gone and I’ve accomplished a lot of the goals I set for myself, said Carmichael. “Now I’m just trying to accomplish the big one by winning the championship.”

In the 125cc Western Regional THQ AMA Supercross Series, reigning champion Ivan Tedesco, of Murrieta, Calif., has a 36-point lead over KTM’s Nathan Ramsey, of Menifee, Calif.

Past 250cc Supercross Winners

April 17, 2004:                 Chad Reed
April 12, 2003:                 Chad Reed
April 20, 2002:                 Ricky Carmichael
April 21, 2001:                 Ricky Carmichael
April 08, 2000:                 Kevin Windham
February 27, 1999:              Kevin Windham
April 25, 1998:                 Ezra Lusk
April 26, 1997:                 Jeff Emig
March 23, 1996:         Jeremy McGrath
April 29, 1995:                 Doug Henry
April 23, 1994:                 Mike LaRocco
March 28, 1993:         Jeremy McGrath
May 30, 1992:                   Damon Bradshaw
April 27, 1991:                 Damon Bradshaw
April 07, 1990:                 Jean-Michel Bayle
April 01, 1989:                 Jeff Ward
Apl 16, 1988:                 Rick Johnson
April 04, 1987:                 Rick Johnson
April 26, 1986:                 David Bailey
May 04, 1985:                   Rick Johnson
April 14, 1984:                 Johnny O’ Mara
April 16, 1983:                 Mike Bell
March 26, 1977:         Bob Hannah
March 19, 1976:         Jim Ellis
February 28, 1975:              Jim Ellis
March 01, 1975(b):              Steve Stackable

Past 125cc Supercross Winners

April 17, 2004:                 Ivan Tedesco
April 12, 2003:                 James Stewart Jr.
April 20, 2002:                 Travis Preston
April 21, 2001:                 Grant Langston
April 08, 2000:                 Greg Schnell
February 27, 1999:              Nathan Ramsey
April 25, 1998:                 John Dowd
April 26, 1997:                 Kevin Windham
March 23, 1996:         Mickael Pichon
April 29, 1995:                 Damon Huffman
April 23, 1994:                 Jimmy Button
March 28, 1993:         Doug Henry
May 30, 1992:                   Jeremy McGrath
April 27, 1991:                 Jeremy McGrath
April 07, 1990:                 Denny Stephenson
April 01, 1989:                 Mike LaRocco
April 16, 1988:                 Ty Davis
April 04, 1987:                 Kyle Lewis
April 26, 1986:                 Keith Turpin
May 04, 1985:                   Bobby Moore

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