Caselli 66 – Ride The Dream Premiere

It has been five months since the passing of off-road legend Kurt Caselli, and thanks to the hard work of Kurt's family and close friends, great things are already beginning to happen with The Kurt Caselli Foundation.
In addition to raising over $100,000 for the foundation with the goal of improving safety for off-road racers, the foundation has also been working hard with Red Tide Pictures to produce a documentary about the life of Kurt. With some incredible footage of a young Kurt racing a KX80 at LACR to his days of dominating off-road racing, the film chronicles not only his amazing racing career, but who he was as a person. And last night at Red Bull's impressive Santa Monica offices, the film was unveiled for Kurt's family, friends, and racers.
The film is set to be released next week on April 29th where it will stream for 24 hours on and after that will be available on for download on iTunes with a portion of the proceeds going to the Kurt Caselli Foundation. Below is the trailer for the film and some photos from the evening.

The Board of Directors for the Kurt Caselli foundation is made up of (from left to right) Dr. Christopher Alexander, Christy LaCurelle, Donnie Emler, Kurt’s sister Carolyn Caselli, his mom Nancy Caselli, and his Fiancee Sarah White. KTM’s John Eric Burlson is also on the board, but was unable to attend.

The KC Foundation has brought on off-road racer Quinn Cody as advisor for rider safety. To help him out with his job, KTM donated a bike for him to ride while keeping racers safe at events. Quinn was nearly speechless, “This is amazing. I don’t even have a bike right now,” he said.

There was a lot of memorabilia on display, including Kurt’s Dakar Rally race bike.

The coolest memorabilia, however, were the classic District 37 trophies that Kurt earned while he was a kid, racing 80s and 125s. The jersey in the middle was drawn by Kurt when he was young.

The Red Bull facility is impressive.

Bell Helmets has partnered with Tagger Designs to create this Kurt Caselli replica helmet. It will be available soon with proceeds going to the Kurt Caselli Foundation.

Kurt designed his signature DVS shoes right before his passing. They will also be available in stores soon, and word is they have been very well received by retailers.

Wiley Watson and Cuylar Ruskin (behind Wiley) were the two creators of the Caselli 66 – Ride The Dream film. They did an exceptional job with the movie. It’s one that you won’t want to miss when it becomes available next week.

Some more cool trophies from Kurt’s days of dominating District 37 off-road events.