Cash to Pro Riders, Highlights Kawasaki’s Expanded 2003 Contingency Program

The 2003 Kawasaki contingency program is shaping up to be better than ever with more races, more classes, more finishing places and higher payouts available than ever before. Plus, select Pro classes will now receive cold hard cash for representing Kawasaki on the podium. In fact, top riders in any class can now earn Green Bucks even when there are less than seven riders in the class.

With more than $5 million up for grabs in more than 750 races nationwide, the program covers many events, from the AMA Supercross Series to the Amateur Motocross Nationals, Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) to regional MX and off-road series. For 2003 Kawasaki has added the popular Regional Arenacross Series, STC Pro Circuit Winter Motocross Series, FMF Texas Night Motocross Series and Branson USA MX Championships to the massive list of events already in the Kawasaki Contingency Program.

For 2003, professional racers competing in 125cc and 250cc Pro classes and select 125 A, 250 A, Vet A, Vet Pro and Women Pro classes will receive payment by check. All other contingency awards are paid in “Green Bucks” that can be redeemed at authorized Kawasaki retailers for Kawasaki vehicles, parts or merchandise.

Kawasaki also improved its comprehensive contingency program by expandingthe number of events in which Supermini, Schoolboy and 65cc classes are paid. The65cc class payback has increased to five places deep with higher payout amounts inalmost every series.

Collecting Kawasaki contingency prizes is easy. To be eligible, riders mustcompete on designated 2002 or newer models sold in the U.S. featuring the Kawasakilogo and register using a form available from Kawasaki dealers, race promoters orKawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. Complete eligibility requirements can be found on theregistration form. Registered riders who compete in a Kawasaki contingency payingevent and place in a contingency-paying position will automatically receive a check orGreen Bucks in the mail so that racers don’t have to send in claim forms after each race.

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has been keeping its supercross, motocross, roadracing, off-road and drag racing riders in the green with a comprehensive contingencyprogram for years. With motorcycles built on Kawasaki’s championship-winningheritage, payouts deeper in the field at selected events and a no-hassle payout method, italways pays to compete on a Kawasaki motorcycle.