Catching Up With Adam Cianciarulo

Photos by Steve Emter and DC Shoes

Photo courtesy of DC Shoes

Few amateur racers in the history of the sport have received the same amount of attention Adam Cianciarulo is currently under, let alone someone who has yet to contest a major amateur event aboard a full-size 250F. Fresh off his two-title sweep at Loretta’s, AC has ditched the Supermini and is now on the small-bore four-stroke fulltime. With a guaranteed spot at the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team whenever his pro debut may happen, the future is bright for the teen racer. We chatted with him between motos at round one of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series at Comp Edge this past Sunday.

How are your first races on the full-size bike going?

It is going good. I raced the REM Glen Helen race last weekend, and I am trying to get on the gate as much as I can. This is my second race in the B class and it is going good. Last weekend was good and this one has been good so far, a good turnout with some fast guys. I'm trying to get some experience on this bike, because I got on it a month and a half ago.

Cianciarulo has been on full-size bikes for the majority of the year, as he raced a Pro Circuit built KX 125 at multiple events in the spring while competing aboard a Supermini as well. AC is now on a Pro Circuit KX250F fulltime.

Is that why you are racing here and are not in Florida?

Well, I am racing Monster Energy Cup and all of the Supercross tracks I am going to ride are out here. I'm out here really just to ride Supercross. When we first got here, we were testing outdoors to get the 250 set up, because I was just getting on it. Now that we have that done, we are testing Supercross now.

How has it been to switch to the bike? Has it been more difficult or easier than you expected?

I thought it was going to be a huge learning curve, and there are definitely aspects that you have to get used to, but for the most part it has been an easy switch for me. I fell in love with the bike right away and I think it kind of suits my style more. You can ride it a little bit smoother and don't have to be off the back of it. I like that, the technical side of things.

Cianciarulo dominated his classes at the opening round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series this past weekend. He was on pace or faster than those racing in the A class.

How much different is it to ride the bigger bike on a Supercross track than the mini? Will that be a big thing going into the Monster Cup?

It's a big difference for sure, but I believe it is easier. With the power, you can get over things way easier. With the suspension, there is way more travel and the bigger wheels help in the whoops. I have been going through those during my motos, not just practicing hitting the whoops. I have had a lot of help with Jake Weimer going through them. I feel comfortable on it already, and I really didn't expect to. I have been fortunate enough to have a solid bike right off the bike, and it will only get better from here.

There is a ton of speculation regarding if you will go pro next year or not. Depending on how Monster Cup goes, will the plan be to still run the amateurs?

Yeah, B class as of right now. We will see how Monster Cup goes, because it is the B and A classes, so I am jumping right into it. We will see it goes there, but the plan is to run B at Mini O's and go to A after that. Obviously it just depends, and if I am not ready for the A class, I won't go. But I plan to go to A for the spring nationals and see if I am ready for Hangtown. If not Hangtown, maybe a little bit later in the outdoor series after Loretta's, or even next year. It really just depends on where my speed is at and what everyone wants me to do. As of right now, we are playing it by ear and focusing on right now.