Catching Up With Brett Metcalfe

The Supercross series is winding down, and with that riding are beginning to get ahead towards the fast-approaching outdoor season. Following another rain storm in Southern California, we headed out to Glen Helen to catch up with Yoshimura Suzuki's Brett Metcalfe as he got in some pre-season testing on the muddy GH track.

With two rounds left of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, Metcalfe is hoping to finally land on the podium.

You're here outdoor testing at Glen Helen, but lets talk about the Supercross season. What are your thoughts on how that went for you?
We're nearly finished with it—we only have two to go. It's been a pretty solid season. I haven't had any race wins or podiums yet, which is a bummer, but I've been in the hunt and been close a few times. I've just been really consistent this year, and I'm happy with that for my riding. Unfortunately last weekend in Seattle, we had a DNF with a smashed exhaust pipe from a first corner collision. That was the first DNF of the season and that kind of hurt me in points. I was looking for a top-five finish in points, but last weekend set me back a little bit. There are two to go, though, and I just want to finish out strong and see where I end up.

Glen Helen was a muddy mess early in the day, and Metty was one of only a few riders braving the sloppy conditions.

What exactly happened when you smashed your pipe last weekend?
I just came together with another guy. As I doubled out off the jump following the first turn, we just came together. My header pipe got jammed up into the radiator and my bike wouldn't even run. I couldn't even hit the little double after the first turn. It was a bummer.

How has outdoor testing been going for you?
It's been good. We've just been getting about one day a week in of outdoor riding for the last three weeks now. I feel pretty good. We started with last year's setup and I'm mainly just trying to get my riding back up to outdoor spec before we start changing things. I feel pretty good now, though, and I'm starting to get in the rhythm. We really don't have too much to do, because we have a good bike from last year.

As far as how outdoor testing has been going, Metcalfe said, "We really don't have too much to do, because we have a good bike from last year."

Are you excited for outdoors? Are you kind of tired of Supercross at this point?
I'm not really tired of Supercross. I'm definitely excited for outdoors though. Outdoors is probably going to be my strong point this year, so I look forward to it every year. At this point, I kind of wish there were more Supercross races left, though. I've really started to get things clicking a lot better during this last half of the Supercross season. I have a much more comfortable setup on the bike, and I've been able to attack the track a little better and my results have been showing that too. But we only have two more left…

What are your expectations for outdoors?
I'm just going to try and win. I just want to win races, because I was able to win a round last year. I just want to do that again and be up in the fight.