One of the major questions in our sport still left unanswered is what is Chad Reed going to do? The two-time supercross champion split with Kawasaki and has been auditioning gear and teams for 2011 and thanks to the magic of Twitter, we've been kept up to date all along the way.

This morning an Australian newspaper article came out with some more details of the specifics of what Reed's going to do and although basically correct, there were a few sentiments in that story that Chad himself wanted to make sure that people understood.

If you want to read something that I wrote about Chad and his options about a week ago, check THIS out.

TWMX: Hey Chad, thanks for calling and we saw the big story come out today that you're going to launch your own team to try and get this supercross title back. Can you tell us more about it?

Chad Reed: Well, first of all it's a laugh that you said "thanks for calling" because another guy got called out for that when he put it on the bottom of his interviews. That's where "thanks for calling" is supposed to be Matthes (laughs).

Well, to be fair you did call me but that's only because I texted you earlier asking for info on this new team. Actually you only call me when I ask you to but anyways…

Yeah, true. Anyways, I'm all good. I woke up all excited and got some cool news this morning. Something that I was trying to confirm for the team and it did indeed get confirmed. Then all of a sudden, I started getting some interesting texts and calls about an article in Australia that went out that is very incorrect and not the story line that I want to get to get out there. It's very far from the truth but other than that, it's been amazing. I've been working on this thing for a few months and it's all coming together.

Let's talk about this story first, what kind of things in that article did you feel were not the things that you want people to take after reading it?

I think that the part where I was going to build a Frankenstein bike is incorrect…who knows how I was going to do that in Australia with Australian people. Let's be honest here, I'm Australian and I'm proud of being from there, I'll claim it forever but it's not 100% feasible to do everything and run the team from there. Never mind not even being realistic at all. You're Canadian Matthes and we hear about it all the time so you know how it is, you're proud of the country where you come from but at the same time America is home for me and like you, we choose to live here because it's awesome also.
Anyways, there is some truth to the rumor about being an Aussie team. The people that are very interested in doing some parts and pieces on the motorcycle are already over here (USA) and people know their names. Some of the people involved will be Aussie and there is a potential for some things on the bike being from Australia but what was said and what came out in the story are two different things indeed.

So it's going to be a Honda with Pro Circuit components but what else can you tell us insofar as who is on the team, manager, mechanic, etc?

Yeah, I know everything but I can't spill it yet. There's nothing I want to get out there just yet but real soon I'll be able to talk about. There are some amazing people involved and I'm excited about that. The staff list is pretty much a go and I'm pumped for that side of things coming together. The last thing I have to do is sign off on a semi and that's pretty far along and almost done. I really want to ride Hondas, it's no secret that I feel that is the best bike for my style and it's the bike that I can be competitive on and challenge for a title. Mitch (Payton), I enjoy working with him and his people and Bones (Bacon) I enjoy working with the suspension as well. They are going to be heavily involved with their pieces and their ingredients. All the people he works with are going to have a hand in this and I think I realistically have a great shot at this thing.

This isn't something that has been thrown together at the last moment, this is something that has been thought about and worked on for a while. There is a checklist of things that you need to have with a team like this and we've checked them off one by one. I feel like I have the people involved that I want and the sponsors as well. We've got some great financial backing as well, things that you need to have a team like this. I'm excited about everything we've been able to achieve in this short amount of time.

Any teammate at all?

No not at this time. I'm going to go all team manager right now and say that there is no budget for a guy at this time (laughs). I haven't really got any calls either but I'm sure I will soon. My boy (Christophe) Pourcel hasn't called me yet! We're not creating a super-team with us two versus the world at this point. I'm just concentrating on me and getting this thing together, it's enough to do just that. We're getting ready for Anaheim and concentrating on race wins and titles.

One of the things that Jeremy McGrath has talked about is how in 1997 his Suzuki team came together too late and it was a big undertaking for himself. He says that looking back, it was a mistake. Is this something that's crossed your mind?

Well I think we have all the bases covered, it's hard to say for sure you have it covered when it's new to everyone but I do have the luxury of seeing how MC went about it and the efforts that were put into it. Seeing the early stages of my 2007/2008 team and how it came together behind the scenes is a help to me as well.

You live and learn I suppose, there will be mistakes made and we'll learn from them and make things different the next time. It's no secret that I've always looked up to Jeremy and I wouldn't say I've followed in his footsteps but I've respected and loved everything that he's done for the sport and the direction that he took the sport in. A little of his 1997 season going the way it did and people writing him off is something that I can relate to in regards to how my 2010 season went. If I'm half as successful as he was in his career, then that would be pretty good! It's why we take these gambles, it's racing and anything can happen. It's why you put yourself into the fire right?