Catching Up With Charles Dao

If you're struggling at the gym because you don't know what it takes to train as a motocross athlete, we have the perfect fit for you. Charles Dao at Icon Sports Alliance has been working with professional motocross athletes for years now, and he knows what it takes to get your performance to the next level. Broc Tickle, Cole Seely, Nick Paluzzi, Bryce Vallee, Travis Baker, Justin Brayton, Brian Deegan, Ronnie Faisst, and Jeremy Stenberg are only a few of the top notch athletes that he has trained. For more information, check out


What kind of program do you run over here?

We run the motocross training program for all of our Supercross riders in the 2011 season. Most of the stuff that we do around here has to deal with a lot of circuit training, a lot of explosive movements, and a lot of full-functional core exercises that mimic a lot of the movements they do on a dirt bike.

Do you work only with motocross athletes?

No, we have a wide myriad of athletes that we work with in the action sports industry. Anything from MMA fighters, moto riders, and traditional sports is what we cover.


Who are some of the athletes that you train?

As far as moto is concerned, we work with freestyle guys like Brian Deegan, Ronnie Faisst, and Jeremy Stenberg. For motocross, we work with Broc Tickle, Justin Brayton, Cole Seely, Travis Baker, Nick Paluzzi, Bryce Vallee, and the list goes on. We have quite the extensive group of riders.


When you train motocross athletes, what do you focus more on? Do you focus more on core training and cardio?

A lot of the exercises that we incorporate involve a lot of circuit training, which spikes our heart rate. We do a lot of the functional core stability exercises on Bosu balls and Swiss balls to make it very dynamic. We give them an uneven surface so they have to work on their balance as well. Everything is geared towards moto-specific exercises.

How can someone go about getting some information to train here?

You can get a hold of us through our website at, or you can email me at