Catching Up With Chase Marquier

With so many racers at the World Mini Grand Prix, many already known nationwide, it is understandable for some lesser known racers to be looked over. Breaking out of the shadows can be a challenge, but is Oklahoma’s Chase Marquier goal for the week. The young racer is competing in the stacked Intermediate class against the likes of Matt Bisceglia and Dakota Alix, but has shown he has the speed to run at the front of the pack.

Chase Marquier

Age: 15

Hometown: New Castle, OK

Classes: 250 B Stock/Mod, Schoolboy, Two Stroke

What brought you from Oklahoma to the World Mini?

We are just trying to do everything and race to be ready for Norman, so my Dad brought me out to see how I can do.

Marquier is competing in an array of classes this week, on both a Yamaha YZ 125 and a YZ250F.

Do you run many of the amateur Nationals, or do you compete in them only when you can?

I did Oak Hill, then we came here, and I will the Norman National, Loretta's, and then the Mini O's. So yeah, I do all of them.

When you are in Oklahoma, do you run a typical 15 year old's program with high school or are you homeschooled?

I am homeschooled and I stay at Robbie Reynard's house with Justin Bogle and Colt Nickelson.

Marquier calls New Castle, OK, home, and trains alongside Justin Bogle under the guidance of Robbie Reynard.

How is to ride with Justin? Do you get the chance to work together often, and has he taught you quite a bit?

I rode with him practically every day and he teaches me so much. He is such a talented dude.

What got you into the sport?

My Dad raced back in the day, and then he bought my brother a bike. When I was about four years old, they bought me a bike for Christmas and I have been hooked on it since then.

Marquier is one of the many fast, yet unknown racers competing this week. He has turned in many impressive finishes in the first two days of the event.

What are your expectations for this week?

I'd like get good starts, win motos, and get in the top three overall. I would just like to do as good as I can.

Who do you feel are you toughest competitors?

Matt Bisceglia and Dakota Alix. Those guys are on it this week.

Marquier plans to compete in the rest of the year's amateur Nationals.

Riding in the wind this week, does it throw your game off at all or did you come in ready for it?

It is a little sketchy, but everyone has to deal with it. I'm just going to run it (Laughs).

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

My Mom, Dad, and brother, my mechanic Jared, AXO, Pro Taper, Red Rock Hills, Factory Connection, Robbie Reynard, Silkolene, Monster, Scott, and EVS.