Catching Up With Chuck Carothers


The first guy to successfully pull off a body varial in competition (it was called the Carolla), Chuck no longer competes on the big scene anymore, but he remains passionate about freestyle motocross. This weekend, Carothers will be heading up the inaugural Freestyle MTX Open at Three Palms Action Sports Park in Texas: an amateur FMX event that will give new talents the chance to show what they can do. We gave Chuck a ring to find out a little more about this event and how it came about. If you are in the Houston, TX area this weekend, why not stop by Three Palms to see some future stars?

Tell us about this event you have coming up this weekend.

It is called the Freestyle MTX Open taking place at the Three Palms Action Sports Park in Conroe, Texas. Three Palms is one of the best motocross and freestyle facilities in the U.S. and the event coincides with the Memorial Day race they are having there. We wanted to make it an amateur freestyle event and there have only ever been a few of those to begin with, so that is new to the sport. We want to get people out there making names for themselves who might live in the middle of nowhere.


Who will be able to compete?

We will have three different classes. The novice class will be for the total beginners and we have a very safe jump for them that is a table top. Then the amateur class will have jumps that are about 60 or 70 feet, which gives them plenty of hang time. Then there is the expert class which are the guys who might already do some shows and travel around but are not quite on the pro level just yet; there will be a $1,000 purse for these guys.28483_117308991627745_116190548406256_190717_6699866_n

Are you from Texas originally?

Yeah, I grew up in Houston and moved down to Southern California for about six years to pursue my motocross dream, but I am living back in Texas again. I want to make it easier for riders out here so they don't need to go out to California just to be noticed.

When did the facility start up at Three Palms?

I always had a place to ride at my house that I called Camp Chuck, but it wasn't really a camp open to anybody; it was just for my friends for the most part. Pros and experts would come, stay at my house, and use the foam pit. Then I decided to move all of my stuff out to Three Palms so we can start building up the freestyle facility there and we are building the foam pit at the moment. I had always received requests from people wanting to come jump at my house, but I did not want to have the liability at my own house. Now that it is at Three Palms, they have their own insurance and it is okay for riders to come out here.

How did the Freestle MTX Open come about?

The guys from FMX East have had a few amateur events already, and then the AFMXA had their event last year and they are doing two this year. We all decided to come together to form a series called the Moto X Challenge. It is four rounds and the top three in points for the Amateur and Expert classes will have their trips paid for to attend the Moto X National which will take place at Pala Raceway in November. The four rounds will be the one here at Three Palms, one in Nebraska, Dodge City in Northeast Texas, and then one at Lake Elsinore in California before the Pala National event.

We have a few guys who will be coming from Canada, and then another few who are confirmed from south of Mexico City. Not everyone can drive 25 hours to an event, so we are trying to spread them around as much as possible.

For more information on the Freestyle MTX Open this weekend, be sure to visit freestylemtx.com28594_365589299057_514589057_3440691_847888_n