Catching up with Damon Huffman

Damon Huffman is probably one of the most over looked riders on the race circuit. In the past, Damon has been a factory rider for Kawasaki and Suzuki, but for the last few years he has made a home riding for One of Damon’s most recognized accomplishments is winning The US Open. The US open is known as the richest race in motocross history and Damon is one of only three riders to win the event.

Now with the start of the 2002 National series, Damon has decided to step down and race the 125cc class. Damon is riding a RM 125 in the Chevy Trucks/AMA US National series this year. The switch comes at a time when the 125cc class is stacked full of competition. “H-Diddy” as he is affectionately known to us here at TWMX is ready to take the competition on.


TransWorld Motocross: Now that you have moved to the 125cc class, what are your goals for the outdoor season?

Damon Huffman: I want to finish up on the podium. It’s going to take good starts and conditioning to run up front. We will see what happens. My ultimate goal would be to win the championship, but I would like to stay consistent and be top three. That is where I really want to be.

TWMX: You raced a RM250 in the Supercross series. How hard will it be for you to adjust to racing a RM125 outdoors?

DH: It takes a while to adjust. I still feel I am adjusting a little bit. The main thing is shifting, corner speed and keeping your momentum. You have to keep the bike on the pipe. That’s the main thing when you are riding a 125. The 125 is unique because you have to ride them really hard all the time. With all the big hills at Glen Helen you need to get good runs out of the corners. Sometimes you can really gain on a rider or sometimes he can gain on you depending on how you shift and keep the power on.

TWMX: A lot of people are talking about the 125cc class being more competitive than the 250cc class. What’s your perspective on the 125cc class?

DH: The 125cc class is more competitive for sure. I can name ten guys who are able to run up front. After that, the tenth through twentieth riders are able to run in the top ten half the time. With the class being so thick, starts are going to be very important in the series this year. I just want to run at the front of the pack.

TWMX: You just recently got married. How long has it been and how is married life?

DH: I have been married for eight months. My life has changed and it’s great! My wife is here today to watch me race. When my wife comes to the races she is totally relaxed. She is over by the truck just reading a book. I don’t know how she stays so relaxed with all these people around.

TWMX: Do you plan to have any kids in the future?

DH: Yes, but not right now. We are going to hold off for a while and just enjoy each other. I think it’s better to be married for a little while before the kids come into the picture.

TWMX: What do you do when you’re not riding MX?

DH: I like to work around the house. My wife and I do everything from landscaping to painting. We have been building a house for about a year and a half now and we finally moved in. My wife and I do all the work on the house ourselves. It seems like the work never ends. Even the little stuff that has to do with just making it your home like hanging mirrors, light fixtures and putting together beds is an ongoing thing. I like it though. I would have it no other way.

TWMX: What is the square footage on your new house?

DH: It’s top secret. I am not going to tell you. All you need to know is that it’s huge! The place has four bedrooms and a four car garage. That’s all you’re going to get out of me.

TWMX: Congratulations on the new house and good luck racing the 125 outdoors.

DH: Thanks.