Catching Up With… Daniel McCoy

The name Daniel McCoy may not ring a bell to some; however, McCoy has been one of the top riders in his home of Australia since turning pro in 2003. McCoy, who was riding for the Woodstock Honda Thor racing team in '08, has finally made the journey across the Atlantic to join the MotoConcepts Racing team for the 2009 Supercross and motocross series. McCoy rounded out the 2008 Australian Supercross series in fourth place and now has his sights set on tackling the American circuit aboard a CRF450R.

For those who are unfamiliar with your name, tell us a little bit about yourself.

First of all, I am from Australia. I've raced professionally over there for six years. I've ridden for a lot of the factory teams like Honda, KTM, and Yamaha. My main problem has been staying healthy throughout my professional career, however. I want to have a decent year in 2009 and move forward with my riding. I've always wanted to race here [America]; it's always been a dream of mine. This team is quite professional, and they've given me an opportunity to race in the States. I haven't ridden the bikes yet, but everybody is saying good things about them.

Will this be your first-ever experience racing in America?

I've done some little races over here like Mammoth. I've actually done that race twice. My good friend Timmy Weigand, who was my teammate on KTM in 2006, has been kind enough to allow me to stay with me when I've raced Mammoth.

As far as results are concerned, how have you faired in Australia?

I've had quite a few second and third place overall finishes in the Supercross championships back home. As far as the motocross series is concerned, I've had a lot of fourth and fifth place finishes. A lot of people oversee it, but the competition is really strong down there. The Supercross season that we just finished up had the likes of Chad Reed and Jay Marmont–who won the motocross series. I finished fourth overall in the Supercross series. It was good for me to have that series under my belt and then come over here, because it allows me to carry all of my momentum into Anaheim 1.

Word on the street is that you actually beat your fellow Aussie, Reed, at one of the rounds this year…

Yeah. I didn't actually line up against him because it was one of those head-to-head races. It was a mud race, and I actually lined up against Jeremy McGrath and needed to beat McGrath to go into the main event. The other guys racing to get into the main even were Reed and Marmont, but Reed crashed, which meant Jay and I were going into the main event. Technically, I didn't beat him straight up, but at the same time I did because I made it all the way to the main event (laughs).

Have you had any opportunities to spend time racing with Reed, Dan Reardon, and those guys who've found success in America?

No. Not really. Reed is never home, and even when he is home we live three hours away from each other, so it isn't often that we ride/race together.

What are your goals for 2009?

I really want to stay healthy and be able to compete in all of the Supercross races and all of the outdoor races. I want to qualify for each and every main event and be a top 10 guy. Even to have a top five finish would be unbelievable. However, I've never raced Supercross or motocross over here, so I have no idea where I fit into everything or where I'll actually end up. I'm just going into the season blindfolded, really.

What are your thoughts on the American series?

I think it's awesome. It's twice as big over here than it is in Australia. From the fans to the tracks, everything is way above what we have. With that said, the Supercross series we just wrapped up was the best one we've ever had. The tracks were really good! Mark Barnett actually built the first couple tracks. I know things are going to be a lot different over here, but I am excited to kick things off in a couple of weeks!