Catching Up With Darryn Durham

After four rounds of East Coast Lites action, Darryn Durham finds himself locked in second place behind Justin Barcia. Many pegged Durham to be a dark horse in the championship chase, as he possesses both the experience that newcomer Ken Roczen lacks and the reserve that has been uncommon in Barcia’s past. We caught up with the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider a few days after his Daytona charge from mid-pack to the final podium spot.

After last weekend's race in Daytona, you are now second in points. Is this were you expected yourself to be at the beginning of the season?

Yeah, I expected to be up there and battling for the points. I actually wish I were a little closer to (Justin) Barcia in the points. I wasn't expecting someone to be so dominant, but hopefully I can figure it out and find a little more so I can take some points off.

Now that your are four rounds in, have there been any changes to your program at all?

I have changed a few things and I actually feel like I am riding better than I was at the first round. I just haven't gotten a good start since then, so I have been working on my starts and they hopefully come out next week./9A7J7615.jpg”>

How far back were you on the first lap at Daytona?

I think I was in 10th. I didn't want to fall in the beginning and put myself farther back and get all muddy. I worked my way through slowly and got up to third, which was good. But the top two guys were gone by the time I got up to third.

Were those the worst conditions that you have ever raced in?

No, I have actually ridden some that were worse than that. I did a Canadian National that was way worse. They didn't even race the second 450 moto, but the Lites guys had to do one. Man, that was bad (Laughs).

Why do you think that you are so well liked by racers and the fans? Everyone compliments your style and you have a "vibe" about you that everyone likes.

I don't know, I think it is because I love to ride and people respect that. I try not to be cocky or a stuck up dude; I just try to be a normal dude riding a dirt bike, you know?

Does Mitch (Payton) allow you to do whatever, or has he cracked the whip on you now?

(Laughs) He was pretty easy on me until this Saturday. After the race, he and I talked.

How do you think that these last few rounds will play out? Are you riding a confidence streak now that you have inched to second in points, and do you come in to these next few rounds knowing what you can do?

Yeah, I am, but to really boost my confidence I need to get a win now. That is what I am shooting for. Even if it is a heat race, it’s something that will get me going.