Catching Up With Davi Millsaps

As the season continues to progress, Davi Millsaps' results have progressed as well. The JGR Yamaha rider, who is known for flashes of speed, has linked together consistent finishes in the recent weeks and is currently locked in seventh place in the points standings after six rounds. After an eventful off-season, in which Millsaps shed a considerable amount of weight, the future father has reestablished himself as a threat to the front of the pack.

How would you say that the season has gone for you so far?

The first two started off pretty rough for me and the last three have been pretty consistent for me. I was pretty sick the last two weekends and that didn't help me at all, but I feel like it is getting better and I am doing better in the last couple races. Hopefully I can keep that momentum going and keep moving up.

You have always been a guy that will all of a sudden pin it and win a race or contend for it? On those kinds of days, what makes the difference for you?

I don't know man; sometimes it just clicks for me. That is what Yogi (Ezra Lusk) and I have been trying to work on, getting rid of the days that don't click and making the days I feel bad, turn them around and make them good. At Anaheim Two, I was thirteenth in practice and felt horrible. I didn't ride all week from being sick and I was drained, so to turn it around and get seventh was good for me. It's trying to make things like that happen more often where I don't have any more of those days.

Does it take pressure off of you because everyone is focused on James all the time, or does it put pressure on you are paired up with Stewart and you want to go fast?

Both. You know that he is on there for a reason and it takes a lot of pressure off of me because the focus is on him. But it can be flipped on me too, because like you said, I want to go faster and be up there. I think it has helped the team out in the bike and stuff and it is a good thing in that perspective. We get along well and when they first hired him, everyone thought it would be horrible for me but it has turned out really good. I'm pumped to be on the team and a good bike.

At Anaheim One, James was changing the fork and shock every time he got off the bike, but you seemed satisfied with your bike. Are you happy with what you are racing?

I've changed my bike completely since Anaheim One.

What direction have you gone in?

We changed the bike before Anaheim One, and then I went back to my original settings, so we are riding with what I rode with in the off-season. I think where we were headed with everything before Anaheim One would be a good direction. For me, I am more comfortable with what I had before.

How is your health? After the kidney incident are you one hundred percent or do you have to take extra precautions?

I feel a lot better than I did last year, for sure after losing all the weight and seeing my doctors to get all the vitamins and what I was lacking. I had just been sick the last few weeks, and that doesn't help.

How did you lose forty pounds?

It was thirty-eight (Laughs). I pumped up my cardio and started eating right, which was the other thing I had to do to get down there. If it was sacrificing my food at the end of the day after a bike ride because it was too late at the time, then that is what I did. My body had plenty of stuff on it to feed off.

Has it made riding easier?

Yeah, it has.

Where do you feel it the most?

I feel it in everything. Everything just seems to work better.

Right now you are based in California, but do you have a house out here as well as the place in Georgia? How do you split your time between the two?

Yeah, I have a place in Murrieta. It depends if we are on the east coast or the west coast. The team is back there, and I stayed back there in the off-season.

So the big news is that you are going to be a dad, and that you cheated and found out it is going to be a boy…

Yeah, it is definitely a cool thing. I'm looking forward to it, so we will see how good I do with one (Laughs).

So I guess the question is, are you going to let him ride dirt bikes or are you going to buy him a tennis racquet instead?

Everyone has asked me that question, and I keep saying "no." It's not getting hurt, that has nothing to do with it. It takes a lot out of a kid, and he couldn't do what we do now, having him go through school and everything like that. If he wants to ride, he can ride and if doesn't, then he doesn't.