Catching up with Grant Langston


TWMX: Grant! You’re riding again!

Grant Langston: Yeah, it feels great to be back on a bike. Today is my first day back riding in a long while.

TWMX: How does your shoulder feel?

GL: It is a little tender, but overall it was good. I came to ride here at Lake Elsinore because the track is not so rough and it would be easy on my injury. Overall, I felt pretty good and my speed was there, but I am a little concerned about my fitness and arm pump.

TWMX: Are you riding with a brace, or is your shoulder taped up?

GL: No, not today. I am getting a special brace/shoulder pad made for this weekend’s race at Red Bud that will help dissipate the impact to my collarbone in the event of a crash. I will feel a lot safer with that on.

TWMX: So you are racing this weekend, for sure?

GL: That’s the plan! I have maintained a good fitness base while I’ve been off the bike, but obviously riding fitness and regular fitness are two different things all together. I was able to ride fast today, but not for a real long time.

TWMX: Well, the adrenaline rush is good for a few extra laps… Good luck!

GL: (Laughs) Thanks! Wish me luck.