Catching Up With Jake Canada

Though there have not been many surprises this year, Jake Canada should be considered one of the few. The Lites racer has finished well ahead of factory supported competitors while aboard bikes customized by the privately owned and operated MotoConcepts squad, and those results have earned him a second year aboard the bike. To wrap up an extension this early in the season, in this economy, is unheard of, but his work ethic speaks for itself. With the Nationals just weeks away, we grabbed a few minutes with the Canada to hear his outlook on this season so far.

With the Supercross season ending, how do you feel it has gone? You have surprised many people with your results and the top five finishes.

I think the season has been really good. It has definitely been my best year and I have made a lot of progress. But I want to keep making progress, because I got a fifth and fourth, and then I got a seventh and that wasn't really what I was looking for. But I will do my best to keep it in the top five.

Did your results come as a surprise to you?

I always knew I had the speed, but I have never put it all together and finished like I have. It surprised me a little bit but I have been pretty consistent and had a couple of good finishes. I feel like this is where I should be.

You recently resigned with MotoConcepts, which caught a lot of people by surprise at this point in the year. What brought you back to the team for another season?

They came to me at Daytona and asked if I wanted to talk about next year. We talked about it a little bit and they had a contract ready for me. I am happy with the team and the way things are going for me with the bikes and the mechanics, because they work very hard. I am pumped to have an offer for next year done and lined up so I can just focus on this year and not have to worry about looking for offers. I'm already ready to go.

Does that take pressure off you?

Well, it is so early in the season that it's not the time to think about that kind of stuff. But it is a relief to know that I will be on the team next year.

When Mike Genova talked about the idea of having a team without factory funding or support, it wasn't met with open arms but the team has put in results in both classes. Compared to bikes that you have ridden in the past, how is your bike this year?

The bike is awesome. It is definitely the best bike I have ever ridden and the fastest 250 I have ridden. MB1 Suspension is working with us this year, and we have it dialed in and we are getting the outdoor stuffed worked on now. I couldn't be any happier with the bike.

How do you feel coming into the outdoors and where do you see yourself running?

I want to be in the top ten and just base it off that.

Do you see yourself as more of a Supercross racer or more of a National racer?

I like both, so I wouldn't favor one over the other. But we have been doing Supercross for a while now, so I am ready for the outdoors.