Catching Up With… Jake Weimer

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer came out swinging last weekend, taking home his second career Supercross victory. And after several years of injuries and bad luck, Weimer is aiming to maintain a consistent season and hopefully walk away with his first-ever Lites Supercross title. We caught up with the current West Coast Lites Supercross point's leader today to pick his brain about his new ride with Pro Circuit and his expectations for the season.



We're here in Phoenix this weekend, which is where you procured your first-ever Supercross win last year. Last weekend, you won your second Supercross racer of your career. How'd that feel?

It was good. I was super; super excited because Anaheim 1 is always a big deal and everybody comes out swinging. It was good to go out there and win like that on the new team.

In the feature we did with you, you said you expected to win, but were you surprised to win in such a dominant fashion?

Not really. That's kind of what I was expecting of myself. It was more of a big sigh of relief. I felt like I lifted some weight off my shoulders with that win. You get hired to ride for Pro Circuit and there are clearly some high expectations. It feels like you have some shoes to fill, especially since Ryan [Villopoto] has moved up to the 450 class this year. So, it was definitely nice to go out there and win the opener.

It was more of you realizing you could actually do what you thought you could do?

Yeah, exactly. It was good to plan on doing something and following through on that plan and watching it happen. It was a big confidence booster. My goal coming into Anaheim 1 wasn't to actually win. I just wanted to make sure I didn't throw away any valuable points and that I had a solid race. To end up winning like I did was perfect.

Your teammate, Ryan Morais, finished right behind you. Is their any friendly competition going on between the two of you?

We don't really talk about it too much. Ryan and I get a long really well, and I think he is a really cool guy. We seem to get a long really well, and we were high fiving each other after the race. We were both excited for each other, but I am sure he wants to beat me as much as I want to beat him. It's just one of those things where you need to leave it on the track and play safe; it's important that we don't do anything stupid. I tried to play it smart in the qualifier, so it's not too big of a deal.

Mitch [Payton] has to be pretty happy about the way you guys finished last weekend…

Yeah. As far as I could tell, he was pretty happy with our performances. Looking back at the tapes, it was good that we finished first and second because we both didn't have a real amazing race. We both made quite a few mistakes that cost us, so it was good to see that we pulled off a first and second but still have more in us. I think everybody is really excited.

What do you expect from yourself at the rest of the races?

I don't feel like I have to win; I just need to make every race count. I need to get good starts, put myself in good situations, and ride 15 solid laps; if I can do that I'll be happy. If I do that I'm convinced I'll be somewhere up front anyways. Obviously to come out here and win would be perfect, but I'm just trying to focus on myself and get a good start. I need to be smart and not do anything stupid.