By Michael Antonovich
Photos by Jeff Kardas

After being close to a podium finish on more than one occasion this season, Jason Anderson finally notched the first podium finish of his career this past weekend in Salt Lake City. Touted as one of the top graduates of the 2010 amateur class, Anderson suffered from a turbulent rookie year and finished well outside of his predicted finishes. It seems that the offseason and West Coast Lites break as done the Rockstar Suzuki rider well, and Anderson hopes to carry this speed and confidence through the rest of his sophomore year.

Jason Anderson

After being close to a podium all year, but having accidents and mistakes come into play, how does this feel?

It is an awesome feeling. It has been an up and down year, but it has been better than last year. All in all, I am happy with how everything ended up. I was leading and got a little bit nervous, but I am stoked to come out with a second place.

Coming into the day, did you feel different than you have at any other races?

Actually, I felt better in Seattle in practice. My heat race went better this weekend, and obviously my main event did, too. I am finally getting starts, which I think has been my problem all year.

Anderson had shown flashes of speed throughout the early season, but mistakes and accidents kept him from reaching the podium.

You feel that your fitness and everything is there.

Yeah, I just got really tense and nervous. I need to get used to running at the front more often.

What happened on the start of the parade lap?

I did my practice start and the two guys came in, and I just plowed into Ryan Sipes. I was on the brakes for a while, but I was just coming in hot. But my bike was good.

Anderson lead the majority of the Salt Lake City main event after claiming the holeshot, but stated that nerves and inexperience at the front of the pack allowed Eli Tomac to catch and pass him.

Did Sipes say anything to you afterwards?

No, but I felt an idiot. I went to go tell him sorry, but I didn't see him at his truck. I hope that I see him sometime so that I can tell him.

With one Supercross left in the year and then the outdoors, what do you set yourself up for now?

Hopefully get another podium, and I am really looking forward to the outdoors. I have been working super hard with my trainer, Randy, and outdoors is kind of my gig. I can't wait.

After being one of the top racers in the amateur ranks, Anderson has struggled in his early professional career. He hopes that his recent strong finishes will carry over into the summer.

You have somewhat of an aggressive style, unorthodox even. Does is work better indoors or outdoors?

I ride both of the similar, but I like outdoors because it's the "OG" thing, what everyone grew up doing. I just can't wait, because I think I have more fun riding outdoors.

How long have you been testing for?

We started right after San Diego and then two weeks before Seattle, I started riding Supercross. So for all of that time, I was testing for the outdoors.