Catching up with Jeremy McGrath

TWMX: What gear do you start in?

Jeremy McGrath: First.

TWMX: Do you shift with your heel?

Jeremy: I never shift with my heel.

TWMX: How much time did you take off after the Supercross season before you started training again.

Jeremy: Maybe a month. I just stopped riding, that’s all.

TWMX: What did you do to train?

Jeremy: I trained laughter. I sat on my couch and drank beer. No, I just didn’t ride my bike. I’ve been lifting weights and working on my cardio. Oh yeah, I also swam two laps in my pool.

TWMX: Are you one of those guys who can’t run because of his knees?

Jeremy: Yeah, I can barely even run. My left knee is jacked up. I have to sit on the couch a lot.

TWMX: Race lately?

Jeremy: I raced Mammoth in June. I also raced a Supercross in Australia a month ago. It was called the Australian Master Series. I raced Friday and Saturday, and won both nights. The series is about six or eight rounds, but I only raced one of them.

TWMX: Who was your main competition?

Jeremy: Michael Byrne was there. He finished second the first night, and third the second night. Cameron Taylor, who’s another Aussie, finished third and second. The track was small, and was kind of an equalizer, but those guys are pretty good there. After that, we spent the next week filming for Steel Roots Three.

TWMX: How much of that video do you have completed?

Jeremy: I have most of it done. I think it will come out in January. I’m working on getting more riders in it, instead of featuring just me. It will be more interesting.

TWMX: Did you film most of it in Australia?

Jeremy: Yeah, we filmed a lot there. I already have a ton of footage of myself, so we didn’t have to get too much else.

TWMX: How’s your new bike?

Jeremy: I really enjoy it. It’s a lot different, and I love it. There were some changes made to it this year that work well for Supercross. It’s excellent. I don’t think I’ve ridden like this in a few years. I’ve been testing for Supercross for six days now, and I already feel like I’m a mile ahead of where I was last year.

TWMX: When January rolls around, do you think you’ll be a killing machine.

Jeremy: I sure do.

TWMX: What about Carmichael and the Honda?

Jeremy: I have my thoughts about it, but we’ll see what happens. I’m just working on my own thing. There were some missing links in my program last year, and a little bit of distraction before the season with the team and everything, but that’s all ironed out now and everything is going strong. All of the pieces are back together now, and it’s time to win again. I only get caught off guard once.