Friction between teammates is a common occurrence in any sport, even more so when the roster is competing against one another for acclaim and victories. That cannot be said for Geico Powersports/Factory Connection Honda's Eli Tomac and Jimmy Decotis. While both come from very opposite backgrounds, as Tomac was once a top amateur backed by Suzuki while Decotis came to the spotlight in 2010 as a privateer, they have built a friendship with one another away from the track. Before relocating to California, they trained together at Tomac's Colorado property in the fall as Decotis traveled cross-country. We caught up with the two at Milestone to see how things are shaping up for the upcoming season.

We are just weeks away from the start of the series, how are you feeling on the bike and do you know what coast you are racing on at this point?

Eli Tomac: I should be on the West Coast. It makes the most sense for me because I kind of live out here in California in the winter, so that is the plan right now. I feel ready to go.

Jimmy Decotis: I have no clue what coast I am doing. I am staying out here, so West would be easier because I live out here, but I'll do whatever I have to do if anyone gets hurt. If everyone stays healthy, I hope that I can do East Coast, but as of now I have no idea.

Apparently your move from Massachusetts to here has been pretty gnarly. Is it true that you were eating on paper plates and sharing a pull out couch with your mechanic?

Decotis: (Laughs) It's been a little more luxury than that! I have my bed set up now and we have some food. This guy, Tomac and his family, they got us some house warming gifts, so it is getting easier.

Except for the lack of Dunkin Donuts here…

Decotis: There is no Dunks here, and it is bullshit. I am really upset about that, because I need a coffee all day, every day (Laughs).

You both have had a lot of time on the bike and look very comfortable coming in to this year.

Tomac: The set up that we have this year is really good, a lot better than last year. The chassis and the suspension make it turn better now. I'm dialed right now (Laughs).

Decotis: I'm getting better. I feel a little bit off the pace, but I am getting to where I need to be with doing as many motos as I can. I'll be good if I race Anaheim One or the East Coast, it doesn't really matter to me.

What expectations have you set for yourself? Eli, last year you were a championship contender, so do you think that you will claim a plate?

Tomac: Definitely. Obviously I want to go in there and win, but stay on the box as much as I can. You don't want to have bad races, but you have to make your bad races in to good ones.

Decotis: I want to get on the box and be consistent, that is all I can do. Hopefully I can try to win a race, just get out front and have fun.

Okay, so Eli, everyone here today noticed your new aggressive riding style. Did that come with Barcia's "17?"

Tomac: (Laughs) Could be! I have to live up to the "17" hype a little bit. Throw in some clutch and a few revs here and there. Just letting it hang!