Josh Grant

Seeing Josh Grant on the track is always a pleasure, as his smooth, fast style looks both effortless and timeless. Though injuries have kept Grant from lining up as much as he would like over the course of his career, his persistence and skill make him an undeniable threat for a solid finish. The DNA Energy/Jeff Ward Racing rider was forced to watch a considerable amount of the Supercross season from the sidelines after a shoulder injury in Los Angeles, but a top ten finish and the coming Nationals have helped relight his desire for the podium. While at Glen Helen, we spoke with him about how it feels to be back and his newest deal with clothing giant Unit.

Grant's style on the track is unmistakable. He powered around the rutted and loamy Glen Helen track with ease.

It was a long road back to recovery following your crash in Los Angeles, but how do you feel now that you have come back and have a top 10 finish under your belt?

It feels good to break into the top 10 for me. It has been kind of a struggle this year for me, and it was unfortunate that I got hurt in LA, but it gave me time to heal my knees to how they should be because I was coming back early to begin with. I feel comfortable and we are making good progress for the long haul, which is ultimately what I want to do. I want to have a good Supercross season and finish it out strong and then focus on the outdoors.

After spending eight weeks on the sidelines, Grant returned in Toronto, where he won the LCQ before finishing 12th in the main event.

How many days of testing do you have for the outdoors, and did you test any while you practiced on the bike to get back up to speed after the injury?

I went straight on to the bike. I had two to three weeks of riding and went to Anaheim, so we only focused on Supercross. After I was injured, I was riding just to ride. I hadn't ridden in a while and it had been six months, so there was no outdoor testing. We had just gotten the new bike and it was to get me familiar with that again. For right now, we have had four or five days of testing with the new bike and we are making progress as we come to Hangtown and the rest of the outdoors.

Grant's season best finish, a 10th, came in Houston, his fifth main event of the year.

When you get a top 10 finish after weeks off, what do you set yourself up for in these last few races?

I just want stick to that goal, get better starts, and stay out of all the carnage. I want to stay consistent with my top 10's and have good, solid rides. That is really all that matters to me know. I don't need to go out and win races or try and kill myself to be up there. The main goal for me is to be back for outdoors and be healthy for that, so we can have a good season. I am looking forward to that because I have had some good time on the bike and we are making some good progress with it.

Grant and mechanic Oscar Wirdeman have begun testing for the coming Nationals during the brief break from the Supercross tour.

How did your new deal with Unit come about?

Really, it was just a phone call. They guy said he thought I fit the brand well and I looked into it. I was wanting to make changes and needed to get out of the groove that I was in, make a whole new change and a new "Josh Grant." Joining on with Unit was the perfect way to, with their solid group of guys. It is cool to have someone pumped on you. For this deal to come about, it was meant to happen and I am excited about it. These guys have been really good to me and we are coming out with a clothing line of a t-shirt, pants, hat, the full kit. It will be cool with these guys hooking me up.