Catching up with Josh Grant

Yesterday while at Milestone MX, we had the chance to catch up a little with Jeff Ward Racing/DNA Energy Drink rider Josh Grant to discuss his results thus far in the outdoor circuit, his expectations for the last two rounds of the outdoor series, and being a father. Also, don’t forget to check out what JG says every morning after he wakes up, rolls over and looks at his wife.

JG, his father and mechanic were at Milestone MX yesterday putting the final touches on his bike for the final two outdoor rounds.

Nearing the end of the outdoor season, are you pleased with your results thus far?

A few of the races, yes! For the most part though, it was more about getting comfortable on the bike and trying to get some consistent results. We did that in some of the races, but we definitely had our share some ups and downs.

How do you expect to finish at the next few rounds?

I’d like to finish healthy obviously, but within the top five would be good. I think that’s realistic for me and I feel that’s where I should be right now at the end of the season. Ultimately I’d like to be up on the podium, but we just have to keep doing what were doing and move forward.

Grant got an awesome start during the first moto at Washougal, but unfortunately had a bad crash soon after. He did manage to get up and finish the race in a respectable position.

You had a great start and run at the beginning of moto one at Washougal and a pretty gnarly crash after that, but was it a boost of confidence knowing that you can start like that and run up front?

Yeah, it definitely opened me up a bit and helped me realize that we can get up there. It was good to have a great start at Washougal because if you’re not up front going up that first hill, you just get pounded with roost. It was unfortunate crashing like that at the very beginning of the race, especially because of the position I was in, but I managed to get back up and finish the race. That was definitely a turning point in the year for me because it brought my confidence up knowing I can run up front like that.

You’ve ridden factory bikes and bikes that have been heavily modified at a NASCAR race shop. How do the Jeff Ward Racing Kawasakis stack up against the stuff that you’ve ridden in the past? Are you comfortable on it?

I’m getting comfortable, yeah! It’s been more about me getting used to the new bike because before this year, I had never ridden Kawasakis. But, compared to the rest of the bikes I’ve ridden it’s equally up there with the best. These guys have done a great job with trying to make it work the best that we can right now.

We asked Josh to throw a few whips for us over this particular jump. Needless to say, we think he delivered pretty well!

How has it been working with Wardy? Does he offer much insight or is he kind of a hands-off type of guy?

Yeah he’s around here and there. I think he enjoys being part owner of the team, going to the races and being involved in the industry again.

Being as young as you are, do you have any memories of Jeff Ward when he was still racing?

No, I think the only memories I have of Jeff are obviously a few of his championships, but that’s really it. Not much recognition of his races. I used to watch this movie, “Thrills, Spills and Chills” and I used to see a few of his get offs in Supercross, so I was like, “that’s Wardy?” [laughs]

Since we are nearing the end of the outdoor series, and Monster Cup and Supercross are approaching quickly, are you going to be making any changes in your program?

As of right now, no! I think were just kind of sticking to what we’ve got right now and what we had at the end of Supercross. Once outdoors is over, we’ll throw on some new suspension and start to get ready for Supercross.

JG definitely knows how to get sideways. Hopefully we can see some more of this before the outdoor series is over.

Are you going to be making any changes for next year? Gear, bikes or any sponsors of that sort.

No comment! [laughs]

How has being a father changed your outlook on racing?

I think it has changed my outlook on just about everything rather than just racing. It’s been a huge motivator for me to just get up, work harder, and get stuff done, were I used to just kind of not care and take advantage of some things. I feel that having Wyatt has pushed me in a way like nothing else and it’s incredibly positive.

So has Wyatt shown any interest in riding yet?

Yup! He rides his Strider pretty much everyday and the same goes for his PW 50, so whenever I get a chance I’ll take him for a ride through the neighborhood. His first PW 50 was stolen out of our garage and I was pretty lit up. I wouldn’t have been so mad if it was my stuff, but since it was his, it was completely different and I was furious. So a few weeks after that I went and got him another one.

So, you are married to whose arguably the best Monster Girl ever and definitely our best poster girl ever. Do you ever roll over in the morning and say, “I win?”

I win all the time, so I’m not worried about it. She wakes up in the morning and says, “I won!” [laughs]