By Geoff Meyer

Monster Energy Ricci Yamaha rider Ken De Dycker has been consistent so far in this years World MX1 Championship. The tall Belgian has taken some time to get used to the new Yamaha, but holds down fourth place in the championship points and is looking forward to the third round in Valkenswaard, Holland where he can use his amazing sand skills. We caught up with the Belgian as he arrived back from a three hour training session.ken-de-dycker-massimo-image-2010

MXlarge: Ken, I heard you are going to Hangtown for the first AMA National race. Is that true?

De Dycker: Yes it is. I was going anyway. I decided in the winter that I wanted to do go to America and do at least one race, in fact I wanted to do that before, but now with Glen Helen it makes it easier to go. It didn't really matter if the GP was the week before or the week after or if I was first in the championship or last, I still wanted to go and race over there. I was going anyway to Hangtown even if Glen Helen didn't happen.

MXlarge: How will you take this race, just a fun race and enjoy yourself? Do you know what type of circuit it is?

De Dycker: I looked up what type of track it was last week but I couldn't find any information. I just go there to experience it, and see what is different, I go there to have fun, but now it works out as a good preparation for the Glen Helen Grand Prix. It's going to be really hot in America so I need to get used to that also. It is good. It is nice to go there. It's expensive, but we are looking for some extra sponsors to cover the costs. It is expensive to get over there.

MXlarge: How have you felt so far in the first two rounds of the MX1 Championship?

De Dycker: Bulgaria was ok really, it was difficult in the second moto to come back from a bad start, but the first moto was good and my fitness was good so I was happy. In Italy I struggled really badly on Saturday and then Sunday racing I had two good moto. The first moto I crashed and lost some time. But two fourth place finishes was okay.

MXlarge: Are you happy with fourth in the series points?

De Dycker: Yes I am. I think I am happy enough for the beginning of the season. Before the season started I said I wanted top five and now I am ready for the third Grand Prix.  Valkenswaard was close to my best GP win, but I was also happy in Lierop last year; that was more impressive for me. Valkenswaard was muddy and technical and easy for people to make mistakes.

MXlarge: I guess after your big win in Valkenswaard and your sand skills you want to race with Cairoli and Nagl there?

De Dycker: Yes, I think for sure that is my plan and that was my plan before the season even started. I wanted to be consistent in those first two rounds and then come on strong around the time of Valkenswaard. I wanted to be steady for the whole season. If we can also improve the bike a little we will be battling with those three top guys soon. I like Portugal, and also Spain. I have had good results in both those places and it depends on good luck, and being ready and not getting injured.

MXlarge: Have you watched much of the MX2 class, and what do you think of it?

De Dycker: I watch it yes. They are really fast. I mean last year we had Roczen arrive and now this year we have Herlings also, and even Frossard is sometimes there, but crashes sometimes. It's good for the racing and more interesting than the MX1 racing.

MXlarge: Is the MX1 class more difficult this year?

De Dycker: I think it is harder. The top three guys have already a good pace and last year it wasn't always the same guys, so it was more mixed. Everybody has stepped it up.