Catching Up With Kyle Regal


With the Supercross season now hitting its final stretch, many teams are beginning to phase into their preparations for the 2010 Outdoor Nationals. At Perris Raceway earlier today, we found the Valli Motorsports/Yamaha team putting their bikes through the rigors of outdoor testing and got a few minutes to speak with recent 450 convert, Kyle Regal. You may recall Kyle's performances last year when he burst onto the scene as a rookie racer in the 450 Nationals, and took home several top five finishes, placing as high as fourth overall on a few occasions.

What is the story behind your switch over to the 450 from the 250 you were riding at the beginning of the year?

I don't know, I am just better suited for the 450. I wasn't as comfortable as I should have been on the 250 so I decided to switch over because I thought it was best for me. Fortunately the team agreed and so we went forward with it.

You may not have felt comfortable, but from the look of things, you seemed to be doing pretty well on the Lites bike, although you had some bad luck in the main events.

I was just putting in the best rides that I could and in both main events that I raced, I two unfortunate things happen. Like I said, I think I am just better suited for the 450. All I ever rode as an amateur was 450s and that is what I won all of my championships on.

How would you say your adjustment has been to Supercross on the big bike?

It has been pretty good. I have had a few good heat races but then in the main in Jacksonville, I was running up there, made one little mistake and it cost me. At the first race one of my throttle cables broke so I couldn't finish there. At the second race my bike was ruined after my mistake. It kind of sucks but I know I have put in two good heat races and now I just need to put the whole thing together.

_s2f3450This is your rookie season in Supercross, but you were saying at the beginning of the year that you have plenty of SX experience, riding with Chad Johnson and a few other guys back in Texas.

Oh yeah, I feel 100 percent comfortable, it's just the two bad races I have had. One race my exhaust got plugged up after a fall just like Villopoto's did at Atlanta. Then the other I went into a little gulley and lost my right foot off the peg.

Now that Supercross is beginning to wind down, a lot of teams are starting to do some Outdoor testing. Considering the great finishes you had last year as a true rookie, you must be pretty excited going into the 2010 Nationals.

For sure. This is the second day that I have ridden Outdoors since I rode Steel City when I got impaled by that wooden stake. So far I feel really good, we have made a few changes to the bike and everything is going well so far. Just trying to get comfortable.

Obviously there are some fast guys who will be racing who were not out there when you started outdoors last year, but one would imagine you have some confidence going into the Natioanls.

Yeah that is the way I am looking at it. Last year was kind of a learning year for me. I wasn't starting up front and finishing up front, I would start way back and then work my way up. So I figure that I have my starts pretty dialed and have been getting holeshots in the heat races and mains so I will just carry that over to Outdoors and see how it goes.

With Glen Helen now a World Motocross GP round instead of a National, do you think you might sign up to race it?

No, I don't think anyone is really going to do it who rides for a team. By doing it you are just sticking your neck out there for no real incentive. There is nothing in it for us other than to race against the Europeans. It would be different if I was on my own just to get my name out there. I would like to race it, but there is no incentive for me to do it.