Catching Up With Matt Bisceglia

For those that follow amateur racing closely, Matt Bisceglia is easily known as one of the sport’s brightest future stars. The young Texan is coming of an injury riddled year, but with the support of Amsoil Factory Connection Honda, he looks to make the previous season a distant memory.

Matt Bisceglia

Age: 16

From: Weatherford, Texas

Classes: 250 Stock/Mod Intermediate, 450 Stock/Mod Intermediate, 250 Four Stroke Non-Pro, 450 Four Stroke Non-Pro

This is one of the first races of your year, and even your competitors tout you as the favorite. Do you come into this race with a target on your back and do you take the pressure well?

I take the pressure well. Obviously, with the team I am on, Amsoil Factory Connection Honda, which is the amateur part of GEICO Honda, there is going to be a target on my back. I am expected to win and I think I am the guy to beat, but there a lot of fast riders out there that can prove me wrong. I just have to stay smart.

How much preparation have you done for this week? After the races in Texas and Alabama, do you feel ready coming in to this?

Yeah, I felt ready coming into all of them. I did well at Oak Hill and did alright in Alabama, got out of there safe but it was not necessarily what I wanted to do. I put in some hard weeks of training and went to California a week early to ride some Cali tracks, and just had fun. I rode with some pros like Bogle and some of my other friends, and I had fun that week. California tracks are a lot closer to this than Texas tracks are because they are more hard packed.

How is it to train with the GEICO riders, to be under their wing and have them developing you?

It is great. We all work out of the same race shop that just has a different team name. The amateurs are Factory Connection rather than GEICO, but it is a great deal and I am super pumped to be a part of it. I have good mentors and good mechanics, so it is all around a good deal.

You were one of the first in your class to triple-triple the rhythm section, and one of the few to do it this week. What separates you from a pro class rider? Because you have the speed to run in the class.

I have been hurt the last couple of years and that is the main reason I stayed in the B class. Then I signed this deal with Honda and they wanted me to stay B, because Zach Bell is their A rider. That is how it rolled, pretty much. A year ago I was sitting on the couch with a pretty badly broken leg and that put a damper on my going A after Loretta's last year. I stayed B, so hopefully I will go A after Loretta's, because that is our plan.

What are your goals for the week?

I just want to stay safe. I don't mean to complain, but I absolutely hate NMA races. I am so glad this is probably the last one I will ever come to. I want to get out of this sketchy, wind infested hole as soon and safely as I can. I want to have fun regardless of the conditions on my dirt bike.